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matey its a no win situation. If you dont test you will be desperate, if you test and get a neg you will still be desperate cos it might be false and if you test and its  a posi you will still be desperate because you wont know if its the hcg.
my advice is to make a decision and try to stand by it whatever you decide.  what will be will be and no amount of testing or not testing will change it.
ps if you decide to test make sure you have plenty of dosh cos once you start you wont be able to stop. ^evil^

having said that looking at your post megan is right. you would only be 12 days from transfer.That is well early.
i had to wait 16 days. i think the norm is about 14 days. you have only just done a week and 2 days on the 2ww.

good luck whatever you decide.
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