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I had my ET on Friday morning (22nd), now Sunday, only day 3! I just wondered how long it takes (had 2 embryo's xfrd) till signs showed and what are the early signs? When is it too early to test? Does it depend on if maybe the 2 embryo's are developing and signs are quicker - TWINS?
My test day isn't till 2 weeks today! Please help!


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Hi there Jennifer

I am not nurse but as I understand it implantation occurs about day 4 or 5 after transfer dependent upon at what stage your embies were at. Sometimes it can take up to 8 days. It is unlikey that you will get symptoms until at least the second week of the 2ww. Unfortunately as a cruel twist of fate progesterone can also mimic pg symptoms.

In terms of testing DO NOT TEST EARLY. The reason for this is that you will have had a HCG injection and this can take 12 days to get out of your system and it is HCG that HPT report on. This site is riddled with women that have tested early and got themselves into a right mess. If you test early and bet a BFN then it might just be too early and then you behave as if you are not pg only to find that on day 14 or 15 you are positive which then makes you worry for the next 9 months. If you test early and get a BFP you will not believe it and think it is only the HCG (which it could be) and then get into a situation where you test everyday at least and get different results esp if you use different tests and get completely stressed out.

Hope this helps and please head my warning re testing early.

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