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^fairydust^ ^reiki^ ^fairydust^

3rd Trimester - the big school
Nicki W, ^babycrawl^ , EDD 10/05/08
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Please welcome

New 3rd Trimester gals
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Must have arrived by now

Delores C, ^babycrawl^ , ADB 01/01/08, ^pinkted^ Faye Elizabeth
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zobo83, ^babycrawl^ , EDD 29/03/08
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tiggymj8, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 14/04/08, ^blueted^ Taliesin Ross
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Moshy29, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 23/04/08, ^pinkted^ Charlotte Amber
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Pingu, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 26/04/08, ^pinkted^ Emily Anne
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Princess xx, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 01/05/08, ^blueted^ Rayyan Jamil
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b3ndy, ^babycrawl^ ^babycrawl^ , ABD 02/05/08, ^blueted^ ^pinkted^ Torin & Romilly
Natalina, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 2/05/08, ^pinkted^ Mai
ozzie, ^babycrawl^ , EDD 24/04/08
*katie*, ^babycrawl^ ^babycrawl^ , EDD 27/04/08
JUMP , ^babycrawl^ ^babycrawl^ , EDD 28/04/08
Snowdrop1, ^babycrawl^ , EDD 28/04/08, ^pinkted^
ang1e, ^babycrawl^ , EDD 29/04/08, ^pinkted^
Minxie1976, ^babycrawl^ , EDD 30/04/08
Tawny, ^babycrawl^ , EDD 04/05/08
Veitchy, ^babycrawl^ , EDD 06/05/08
clc_girly, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 06/05/08, ^pinkted^ Megan Nicole
m1234, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 11/05/08, ^blueted^ Finlay Nichloas
birthbaby, ^babycrawl^ ^babycrawl^ ,ABD 13/05/08 , ^pinkted^ ^blueted^
~debs~, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 14/05/08, ^pinkted^ Amelia Katherine
RSMUM, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 15/05/08, ^pinkted^ Lily Christine
mazv, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 16/05/08, ^pinkted^ Lily Nicole
jannie, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 21/05/08, ^pinkted^ Amelia
DMM35, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 22/05/08 , ^pinkted^ Emily Grace
Matty, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 23/05/08 , ^blueted^ Luke
Skyblue, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 24/05/08, ^pinkted^ Anya Georgina
pem, ^babycrawl^ , EDD 21/05/08, ^pinkted^
Angel1888, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 30/05/08, ^pinkted^ Maia Jo
Ameliacooper, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 30/05/08, ^pinkted^ Alexi Sofia

[br]Hi Ladies

Can i ask you when you have had your beautiful bundles to do a post in the Birth anouncement section http://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php/board,172.0.html
as this will make it easier for you to print off your congratulations for your keepsake/memory boxes.



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First the worst, second the best......wasn't third the one with the hairy chest....? (so we used to sing at school anyway...)  Who's next to post?  ^idiot^  ;D  ;D

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I do NOT have a hairy chest!!!  :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

;D ;D ;D

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Nah nah nah nah nah  :p  :p  :p

:-*  we love ya really  :-*  :-*

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Fluffs can you up date the list already please :)

I had a wee girl Lily Nicole on 16th May 08


Back tomorrow to chat :)

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All done mazv  :-*

Night night girls  :-*

Fluffs xxx

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Putting in an appearrance to the new thread.

I have a prenatal appointment tomorrow. Sister has been around so not had time to log on. Will do personals tomorrow.


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Morning ,
DH is snring and i justcan't sleep , so sat here with my rasberry tea , and wondering where the summer has gone ???
Thanks for the new home Fluffs , ain't it a shame that theres so many peple on the list who don't post anymore .........
Well i'm gonna go out and hopefully get my nursing bra's later today , like when the shops open , i often find shopping for bra's a right faff , so wish me luck !!
I got my 'red book' the record of child development pushed through the door yesterday , i was a bit miffed cause in it was a letter saying the HV should call and deliver this before 36 weeks (I'm 38 tomorrow) but due to staffing levels , someone would be round to see me 1 - 14 days after the birth , now call me picky , but i just don't think thats good enough  ^bigbad^ Ho hum .........

Emu , Good luck with your prenatal appointment  ^afro^

Maz  ^congrats^ ^itsagirl^ Well done darlin ^babycrawl^

x x x

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free- good luck with the bra fitting,


i to am waking at 5ish this week why i dont know ^bigbad^,

weather looks cracking here today wahooooo could it be a nice day  ???


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Hi girls

Feeling a bit more positive this morning.

ElsieMay - I do think the baby's growth does slow down towards the end - I've had the same.  I also had the CTGs re accelerations and decelerations - I am sure everything is fine as otherwise they would be more concerned and they seem fine with it.  So try not to worry - I know its easier said than done.

Its weird isn't it you would think after we get to this stage we would worry less but that isn't the case.

Angel - how you doing hun?


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Thanks Ax

I know I should be more relaxed but if anything I am getting more and more stressed, so close but so far I think.  I just find it odd the baby hit all her averages so far on the many scans I have had and now she is below average, coupled with the sleepyness she seems to have my head is all over the place.  I am going to push to get the baby out next week rather than waiting till I am 39 weeks on 17th June which was plan A.


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If it helps - mine is exactly the same - I thought she was gonna be a big un - was measuring big in all my scans till a few weeks ago.

I'm going to be really positive today - gonna even take my hospital bag in the car to my appointment today.  I know I'll only be heading for disappointment but its worth a try!!  ;D ;D


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Elsie - both Amelia and I have slowed down in the growth stakes - I think we are both measuring a few weeks behind and the midwives don't seem to be too worried about it.

Amanda - I think your bump looks fine.  I have a friend who is small built and has given birth naturally to 2 ten pound babies.   :eek:  Don't forget you have to take some of the measurements with a degree of caution: both Snags and Em had GD and the drs were all predicting huge babies - I don't think either Millie or Zachary topped 6 pounds!  If you can have a bash at a natural delivery I would give it a bash.

Amelia - good luck with the sweep hun.  I will be happy when it is all over!  Let's hope that it's babies for both of us in the next 24 hours.   :) ^hugme^

Love to everyone I have missed.

Angela xx

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GM all:

I agree with Free where has the summer gone?  Did we use up all our sunshine a few weeks ago?  :eek:
Ruff nite sleeping last nite for myself but that is just the way it goes I guess.
My dog doesnt like going outside in the rain silly girl.

Elsiemay if there was any reason at all they would have that baby out quicker than your can blink your eyes.  I know  its ever so hard not to worry about everything but do try and relax in the fact you have good docs that are out to do the very best for you and baby.

Also on the health record thing I don't have one of those and should I?  

One week to go today I am so ready for her to come out now.  I am tired of not seeing my feet when I stand up also tired of not being able to bend over and pick things up not being able to walk very far.  Moan moan moan... sorry !!

Also have a question.  Now not this past sunday but the sunday before I thought I had lost my plug.  Now about every 3 to 4 days I seam to be getting more of the same type of jelly stuff.  Is it just discharge instead of my plug?  Its been far to long (and I don't think I saw my plug the last time) and I can't remember. ??  Anyone?

Amelia glad to see you are  ^reiki^ today :).


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Lora - if it is very jelly like then it certainly sounds like your plug.  Mind you, I have noticed a big increase in discharge over the past few weeks, although it is just the creamy stuff I have been getting all throughout (sorry if TMI)!!

A xx

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Just wanted to say thanks for the reassurance on the babys growth.  Seems they can start big and drop off a bit!


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EM:  it was like jely the 1st time clear.  TMI alert now it seams to be more creamy in colour sometimes like snot?? with a bit of yellow ?  But then again the yellow could be from going to the loo also.  I don't have a clue. LOL I'm not quite sure how to describe it. I am still using my cream from my trush from time to time as I do seam to be quite itchy. Ugh.  Belly tight again today.  I do wish Esme would just make up her mind. 

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Bit of a rough night, DD was up for two hours and now my SPD is playing up again :mad:

Having been PG in the heatwave that was 2006 can I buck the trend here and say how happy I am that it is NOT summery weather?! Last time I got so very puffy and uncomfortable that this time I am really enjoying the cool weather (sorry, but there it is).

On the red book, last time I had a student h/v come and deliver mine when DD was 2weeks old. So long as you get it before your 6 week post-partum check-up with the GP I shouldn't worry. TBH all I've really used it for is vaccination records and beware the growth charts as they can be very misleading!

Re: Baby Planet, it is at 36 Western Rd, Leicester, LE3 0GA. Follow the inner ring to St Nicholas Circle then follow the signs for Narborough Rd. Once on that road go left at the first set of lights and take the first right. B.P. is a short way down on the left.

Elsie - I am sure that if there was anything to worry about they'd have you in now.

Lora - moan away love. Not sure about the jelly, ask your M/w.

Free - good luck. I know what you mean, sometimes it's hard to find nice stuff in the larger cup sizes. Start with Mothercare and work out from there!

Amelia - good luck!

Becca - hope it goes well. Make sure you tell her how much the adhesions hurt.

Mazv - Congratulations!!!

Right, off to the post office and then to work!!
love to all


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Oooh new thread.  We do chat alot don't we! ;D

Hope you due date and overdue girls have those babies soon.  I can't remember who said it but I agree with the more worrying the closer it gets idea.  So close but so far indeed.

I've been out with the dog.  Was out for so long that DH rang to ask if I was ok, or had I fallen down a ditch somewhere!  As it turns out, the dog was running around with other dogs and I was standing having a gossip!  So, the dog is exhausted (yippeee!) and I still have some energy left for the day. ;D  Off to a friends house for coffee, then going out shopping with my mum this afternoon.

Tracy xxx
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