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^fairydust^ ^reiki^ ^fairydust^

3rd Trimester - the big school
ozzie, ^babycrawl^ , EDD 24/04/08
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Please welcome

New 3rd Trimester gals
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Must have arrived by now

Delores C, ^babycrawl^ , ADB 01/01/08, ^pinkted^ Faye Elizabeth
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Fergie, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 16/04/08, ^blueted^
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Readie, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 18/04/08, ^blueted^ Lewis Dylan
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Cheeks73, ^babycrawl^ , EDD 19/04/08
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BikerGirl, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 21/04/08, ^pinkted^ Morgan
lauraj78, ^babycrawl^ , EDD 22/04/08, ^blueted^
Moshy29, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 23/04/08, ^pinkted^ Charlotte Amber
Heffalump, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 25/05/08, ^blueted^ Zachary
Pingu, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 26/04/08, ^pinkted^ Emily Anne
AllySidey, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 29/04/08, ^blueted^ Thomas James
Princess xx, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 01/05/08, ^blueted^ Rayyan Jamil
strawbs, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 02/05/08, ^blueted^ Francis Edward
b3ndy, ^babycrawl^ ^babycrawl^ , ABD 02/05/08, ^blueted^ ^pinkted^ Torin & Romilly
Natalina, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 2/05/08, ^pinkted^ Mai

[br]Hi Ladies

Can i ask you when you have had your beautiful bundles to do a post in the Birth anouncement section http://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php/board,172.0.html
as this will make it easier for you to print off your congratulations for your keepsake/memory boxes.



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Yay I'm first....can't believe how for up the list I have got Omg I'm nearly a mummy!!!

ang1e - if I was having a girl there would be no issue as the names for female are beautiful ah well I have told dh I don't want to argue when he is born so it will get sorted this weekend one way or another.  Fingers crossed your little ones head is engaged tommorrow I'm sure it will be. xx

hope everyone gets a good nights sleep Im off to bed now xxx

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I was just typing a post to be first but princess beat me to it! ;D

Thanks for all your messages for Harris. He is fine now thankyou. He was weighed today and is now 9lb 3oz! :eek: OMG how quickly they grow! :)

PRINCESS- I hope you and DH can sort things out ^hugme^ It sounds to me that he is just being awkward. Dont let him get you down. Its really crucial to chill out last few days as trust me, you will be shattered once your little man arrives! ;)

Does anyone know where we post after this thread? I cant find it! ^idiot^

^hugme^ to everyone who needs them xxx

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Woo hoo 3rd in !!
Have the day off today so have lots of cleaning and house work i want to get done ,  just thougt i'd call in and get the latest from here first though .
Coccyx v painfull and can't feel me fingers so off for a shower to see if it helps .
Blondie , its great to hear your little man is doing well and gaining weight .
Princess how did you go with the name situaton hun ?

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Morning ladies!
Sorry was awol so long! Baby arrived safely on Monday night- just posted on birth announcement thread. Didn't need to be induced after all but birth was a tad hair raising. Thankfully all went well though. Will post story as soon as I have time.
Don't have time to read back...anyone else had babies since Monday?

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Must post so I can find us again ;D Sorry not to post yesterday girls, DIY never ending and then went off to yoga to relax fro couple of hours ::)

Bikergirl- just posted on other thread but will say it again. ^congrats^ on your beautiful little girl ^pinkted^ Glad all well :)

Free- sorry you're still in pain ^hugme^ Hope the physio will help when you get the appointment. Take it easy today with the cleaning ^bigbad^

Blondie- glad that Harris is doing great and gaining weight :eek: Think you post on the Parents place to chat boards; there's a thread set up for Spring 08 babies but can't remember which sub board it's on- sorry. Have a browse when you get 2 seconds spare ;) Will see you there soon :eek:

- sorry you 're having such a hard time with DH over names. really hope you can get something sorted out that you will both be happy with. DH and I struggled with this one too we only have 1 name that we can agree on for girl and boy; so I really hope that baby suits the name! I know what you mean about creeping up the list :eek:

Sorry can't remember all the chat from yesterday now...

Ally- hope that DD gets better soon and there are no problems from the HFAM spots.

ElsieMay- glad all okay at scan the other day ^reiki^

Angie- big hug ^hugme^ as you were having a :'( day yesterday. Hope today is better :)

Right best go get ready as the windows won't paint themselves ;D Will try catch up later in the day. Hope all are well :)

Love and bump rubs
Maz x

Take it no news from Em yet on Zachary's arrival ??? Must go stalk Dizzi and see if she's had a text yet ;D ;D ;D

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Hello to everyone on this thread.

I wondered if it was about time I joined. I've been posting on cycle buddies thread since BFP but think it is time to join here as time seems to be going quickly now and think it will be good to discuss things with people and see what everyone is planning etc. Look forward to getting to know some of you but it seems like a really busy thread so I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up  ;D It seems like everyone is having babies over here which is a bit scary  :eek:

1,419 Posts

Well my first question was going to be if any one had heard about anymore babies but Bikergirl has already answered that one  ;D  Huge  ^congrats^ ^congrats^ ^congrats^ Bikergirl, will go and post on the announcements thread in a mo!

Hannah -  ^wave^ Welcome to the thread, it can get a bit scary with all the talk of birth over here but then we get to see/hear about the gorgeous results and that helps a bit  :)

Maz - Hows the DIY coming along?  I am still on major nesting mode and am about to start on my livingroom today which shouldn't take as long as my kitchen  I hope!  You would think my house was a right state but honestly it is not that bad, suffice to say there is not a speck of dirt in my kitchen now, EVERYTHING got washed, cupboards emptied, etc  ^idiot^

Princess - How did the name thing go  ???  I really hope that you reach a suitable decission soon  ^hugme^

Trip - Beautiful furniture, are you just getting the cot or the rest of it as well, really love the wardrobe!  You will have to post piccies of your nursery, it sounds gorgeous!

Huge  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ for everyone who needs them, my emotions are all over the place these days.  Its like living in en emotional theme park  ::)

Ok, apart from that I am lost with personals - sorry!

I was at my GP yesterday for an antenatal appointment and had my strep B swabs taken - oh the joys!  Just when I thought I had got over any inhibitions during tx (even though I was only on clomid I had to have 5-6 scans a cycle due to being a high risk of over stimulating  ::)) the Dr goes and announces that she will have to take 2 swabs, 1 vaginal (whatever, no embarrasment there anymore) and 1 rectal  ^scared^  I can honestly say thats the first time I have ever had a cotton bud  ^shake^  ^eyes^  and I have no wish to repeat the experience thank you very much!  Got weighed  ^scared^  I have put on a 1.5 stones which I don't suppose is too bad but OMG I have never weighed so much in my life  :eek:  :-[  My blood pressure which has been low throughout pg is still low which is why I am dizzy a lot and baby is not yet engaged at all yet, not sure if that is normal or not at this stage  :-\ but at least is still head down again.

Anyway, best go and have some breakfast then get to work on my livingroom.  Hope everyone is doing fine and will be keeping my eyes out for noews from Em - so exciting, all these babies!

Matty xxx

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Hi Girls

Welcome Hannah!

I knew my good mood wouldn't last - Am feeling really tired today - can't wait to go home to bed tonight.

Had 2nd antenatal class last night - it was a bit boring to be honest - does anyone else find their classes a bit boring - or maybe just coz its two hours and we're all a bit tired after work!

Anyway too tired for personals today but I hope everyone is well.


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Welcome Hannah

Please could you give me your EDD so I can put you at the right place in the list :)



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Hiya Ladies  :) :)

Thanx for u kind words  ^hugme^ ^hugme^
Not feelin as emotional 2day (thank goodness) but didnt sleep v.well  ^bigbad^ ^bigbad^ went to bed quiet early as i was knacked but woke up at 2am then about every hr or so, wasnt doing toilet trips just had such bad tummy craps (like period pains) was so uncomfortable and keep thinking something was going to happen  :-\ :-\
Still suffering this mornin from the cramps they are sooo uncomfortable  ^bigbad^ ^bigbad^ keep wondering around the house as it seems to take my mind of it.
Did read in my baby book that it is quiet normal to have period like cramps and it is to do with first signs of labour getting closer.

Warm welcome to Hannah  :) :)

Mazv --- I see ur still busy with the DIY hope ur not doing to much, bet u cant wait for yoga to have time to relax  :) :)

Princess --- Bless ya hopefully things Will get sorted at the weekend with the names  ^hugme^ :)

BikerGirl ---  ^congrats^ ^pinkted^ on ur birth of ur baby girl  :) :)

Hope every1 else is doing well 2day  :) :) ^hugme^ ^hugme^

I`ll post later once im back from the M/W  ^pray^ ^pray^ please let head be engaged  :) :)

Love Angie xx xx

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Hannaht  Hello and welcome to the thread.

Bikergirl  Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.

Free  Dont overdo it with cleaning today.  Sorry to hear you are in pain  ^hugme^

Blondie  I'm glad to hear Harris is doing well.

Princess  I hope you and DH can sort things out  ^hugme^ ^hugme^

Hi Maz

Angie  Sorry to hear you didnt get such a good sleep last night.

Matty  I also had the strep b test but did a home test which you send away.  I hope the results come back negative for you.

Amelia  Sorry your mood has dipped.

Still not sleeping, as having lots of aches and pains.  The mw said the head might be engaging.
Off out to visit my cousin today.
When I go into labour is it standard to take something in for the mw on duty?  I have heard a few people mention this.  If so what sort of things are you taking in?

Jannie xxx


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Matty, did your Gp pay for it doing? Or was it a kit you got off the gbb site and took for them to do?? I really want to be tested as we have had babies on our ward that have passed away with step b infections from birthing. Very scary!! However, I'm not sure where I stand with regards to premature labour! They don't think we'll get past 34wk's and with my waters leaking will they do it?? I have a clinic app tomorrow so will ask them, but if anyone else knows, could you post??



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Morning all,

Bikergirl - congrats on your baby girl!  ^pinkted^

Welcome Hannah - they have babies on this thread which is very frighteneing...... ;)

Trip - Crib is lovely!

Matty - The dignity of being pregnant eh?  ;)

Free - I suffer from the carpel tunnel thing too and can no longer make a fist with my right hand........cold water seems to help a wee bit! I feel like I have two claws in the morning...

Maz - You sound energetic - I don't think I can paint windows when I am not pregnant!  ;D

Angie - I hope head is engaged.... ^reiki^

I am about to spend the weekend on my own as dh is at a Ska festival. Its his last blow out ....I should be excited but I know I get too tired to see loads of people so it might be a bit lonely! I am also feeling like I should stop shopping because I am buying too much stuff and I will need the money later on!

A walk at lunch might do me good. I am also still stressing about Callum's movements...they don't seem so much now but I can feel him moving now and again?

Tash x

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Hi Girls

I'm still here......

Nice to hear bikergirl is ok - will post on birth announcement thread in a bit.

Can't even remember if I posted yesterday or not  ::) seen mw and booked in for a sweep on Tuesday if things haven't started by then.  Not feeling too bad really, woke at 2am with af pains for over an hour, thought about waking dh to take some paracetamol then thought no I'll just put some socks on and try and get back to sleep as if it is going to happen going to need my sleep!  Thought I had a bit of a show too but not certain, will kep checking today though.

Jannie - I never thought of taking something in for the midwife, might be a good idea though get them on your side  ;)

Angie - Hope your engaged, my mw side I am 4/5ths but can still feel brim but it is normal to engage while in labour too.

Mazv - Enjoy your painting

Hi to everyone else, must go Amelia is trying to turn off my laptotp.



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Amanda - My GP did pay for the test for me as I have tested positive for strep B twice before.  I have heard that the NHS tests aren't as reliable as the private ones though  :-\  I have been told though that even if it comes back negative then the hospital will more than likely test my baby to check that he/she is clear anyway.  Part of me hopes it comes back positive so I can just have the antibiotics and feel far more reassured that my baby will be okay but I also really want to use the birthing pool if possible and doubt if I will be able to use it if I am on IV antibiotics  :-\ 

Janine - Doing the swabs yourself really does sound like the way to go  :-[

Ally - Sorry to see you are still here  ;D You know what I mean!  I hope that you don't need the sweep on Tuesday  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

Tasha - I thought that about the shopping thing yesterday too  ;D  But there is just so much gorgeous stuff about!!!

Oh well, this is not getting my livingroom done  :p

Matty xxx

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My EDD is 2nd July and we don't know if it is a girl or a boy. Thanks for adding me to the list  ^hugme^

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Hiya everyone

Blondie - you post on spring babies 08 in Birth clubs, can't believe I will be crossing over to the other side next week!!!!  Well we are definately calling him Harris now I have thought of a name I prefer but again dh doesn't like it but think he prefers it.  Im taking your advice and standing my ground even threatend to leave him last night!! Glad to hear your little one is gaining weight are you breast feeding?

Ally - fingers crossed something happens soon sweet heart are you getting fed up now?

Tash - take the time to relax and pamper your self, if your worried about your babies movements go to the hosp and get monitored they are all really nice.

jannie - sorry your not sleeping, I got aches and pains when the head was going down hun

ang1e - glad you are feeling better today I was getting Af pains during the night but none this morning so doesn't look like anything will happen for me which Im ok about at the moment.

amelia - I find the parent classes a bit boring also hun

Matty - don't over do it hun, I have changed the name I origionally chose to one my nurse sugested but dh being awkward about this one but Im not backing down so hopefully it will get sorted this weekend

well house was spotless but slipping a bit now so think Im going to do a bit of a clean today


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Princess - I am such a lazy bum I have a cleaner and she has just been so the house is lovely. I have to give her up whilst I am on mat leave ...hope you get your own way on the name!

I am going to try and see the midwife today.....

Ally - Hopefully not long now!

How do you get Strep B and who is at risk? The idea of losing my baby after I have given birth freaks me out....

Tash x
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