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3rd Trimester - the big school
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Please welcome

New 3rd Trimester gals
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Must have arrived by now

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b3ndy, ^babycrawl^ ^babycrawl^ , ABD 02/05/08, ^blueted^ ^pinkted^ Torin & Romilly
Natalina, ^babycrawl^ , ABD 2/05/08, ^pinkted^ Mai

[br]Hi Ladies

Can i ask you when you have had your beautiful bundles to do a post in the Birth anouncement section http://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php/board,172.0.html
as this will make it easier for you to print off your congratulations for your keepsake/memory boxes.



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I'm 1st! I'm 1st! I'm 1st!  ;D ;D ;D

Thanks for the kind words on Bubs's new pics Lizzy and Debs.  ^hugme^ :-*  I think he's very cute too, tho of course I'm so very biased!!  ;D


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Evening all
Lizzi-  about cushions under bum thanks  for advice to try to shift Bubs, will give it a go though even hospital conceding that this Baby ain't shifting!  ::)
Was sooo big on scan today, looked uncomfortable with its feet up round its head but has been like that for 15 weeks now so it can't be that bad! :)

Trip those pics are v cute   ^hugme^

Anyway been out tidying garden with DH today and he has finally put garden bench swing up, which, sat there tonight as it got cooler was bliss :)

Hope everyone well, can't remember who said what 'cause it's on other page!

Dawn xx

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good evening girls, just watched the 2nd part of flood , did anyone see it on sun/mon ?

wow amanda not long for you then..are you scared ? dont be worried that your not ready i dont think anyone is ready..keep us posted xx

trip= wow its mad seeing bubs and hes in your belly still.

right beddy byes for me xx

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Wow Trip, he is absolutely perfect!!! Well done you. You must be bursting with pride!!! I didn't think much of the 4 d scans till just seeing yours. It's amazing. So clear!!

Becca, Trip, if I'm honest, I'm crapping myself!!! Feel very nervous about starting in labour, but as people tell me, with every contraction, you are closer to holding your little one. I'm also a bit worried about whether he will need to go to special care if he doesn't manage breathing at first on his own. He will need to go at first to be cannulated into his umbilicus, then have at least 48hrs of IV antibiotics, but I just don't want to have him in for weeks and weeks. I will want to take him home with me.  :'( But we won;t know what will happen till we see how he copes on his own outside my uterus. Scary though!!!!

But hey, what can we do!!!!!


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Quick one from me too as I am shattered - think it may be due to the weather!

Its been a lovely few days but its hectic here - but I've packed DD and DS off to Grandma's as there is just too much mess now so I'll have a bit of peace getting ready tomorrow morning  ;D  ;D

I've got hospital appointment tomorrow about my perforated ear drum - hopefully they'll just let it heal by itself - not sure if this is why I keep going dizzy though?

Also SPD is absoluetly killing me these last few days but may also have something to do with the amount of cleaning that we have to do each night once the builder leaves - he's really good and tidy's up but not like I do!  ^idiot^  Can't wait for him to finish and leave us in peace so I can get organised ready for bubs.

Sorry no personals (again), will try to keep up I promise.


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Sorry, just 'stamping' the thread so I can find it again when I get back!
Enjoy the rest of the week!

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Quick post so I can find us in the morning. Really must get off to bed!

Trip- he is absolutely gorgeous :) Can't wait to see him on the outside in colour on a few weeks ;)

- glad to hear all well with Jack, but wow :eek: only a few weeks left for you. Don't get yoiurself too nervous about it just focus on the end result ;) It'll be soooooooo worth it :)

Ashy- sorry to hear about the ear :( hope it heals quickly. Take it easy on the cleaning, try to wait until they leave (I know easier said than done as I was the same a few weeks back ::) ) Get plenty rest to try and ease the SPD.

Must get to bed, will catch up on personals later.
Bump rubs to all
Maz x

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Morning ladies ,
Sorry i've been a poop poster , just can't feel me fingers enough to type comfortably .
Anyway , just calling in with an update , off to hospital today for GTT tests as i have had sugar in my urine again .
Tomorrow we are at the hospital for a scan to see if my plactenta has moved  ^pray^ it has !!
Been pottering in the garden and made my hanging baskets , also have got a lot of Puddins things washed .
Sorry for lack of personals ,
Bump rubs all round ^pregnant^
x x x

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Morning lovely ladies

Wow what lovely weather we are having down here in London.

Well had midwife appointment yesterday - all fine - baby head down - engaged but she wasn't sure how much - bottom is facing out which I thought anyway.  My blood pressure has slightly risen - not into a high level just slightly higher than it was!

Also had another strep B test - going back next Wednesday for my next check up.

Anyway am waiting for my furniture to arrive - I am first drop off today so should be here any minute now and then this afternoon got someone coming in to set it all up.

I'll try to post a pic in the next few days to show you all.

Enjoy the lovely day

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Always amazes me how quickly this thread fills up!  Even more amazing is the list of babies!

My Dad arrives tonight to spend the weekend decorating the spare room and putting up a cot in it.  Feels strange - really hope they got the sex right because every single thing is pink!  I don't have a single white or neutral item of baby clothes.  I was told no boy bits and a line down the middle could be seem and on a second scan there were still no boy bits - sounds right doesn't it.

Does anyones bump get really tight - almost a cramp but not quite.  I have had this on and off since yesterday and cannot work out whats going on.


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Morning, lovely ladies!

It's a beautiful day here and I'm off to lunch with an old work friend today. Another friend came out for dinner last night and left me with a big pile of his LO's baby clothes, mostly designer stuff :) Though he's a big boy, over 9kg now at 7 months! Weighed in at just under 5kg when born, so hoping his old clothes wont fit our LO for quite a while :)

Trip, he's a cutie, what amazingly clear pics!

Dawn, I think you can also try kneeling with arms flat on floor and bum in the air. I think the idea is to give LO space to lift out of the pelvis and turn.

Amanda, not long to go, you queue jumper, you! How does it feel to have an end in sight?

Free: hope to hear from you later today that your placenta's moved. Good luck!

AmeliaCopper: have fun with the furniture today, take it easy though, hun, let them do all the work!

EM: I hope they got it right! Not long now to find out, eh? Sounds like BH? Haven't been getting that myself, but heard of plenty others who do.

Have a great day everyone. I'm off now to make a cuppa of Rasberry leaf tea. Have upped to 2 cups a day this week, and think I am starting to feel BHs. At least I get some period like cramping now which I haven't been getting.

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Morning this lovely morning!!!

How is everyone feeling?
Trip - what a stunning picture, you must be sooooooo proud!

Have a lovely lunch today Swede! :)

Hiya ElsieMay, sounds like you're having braxton hicks, they are just practise contractions, nothing to worry about. How lovely of your dad to come and help out.

Hi Amelia, yep it's gorgeous in London!! Where are you? I'm SW. Hope the furniture arrives soon  :)

Morning Maz, you sleep OK? My night was horrible, waking up every hour, got to sleep by about 1, up at 7 :(.

Hiya Lizi, you OK today?

Ashy, dizziness might well be your ear, hope it goes ok :-*

Hello free, you ok honey? what you doing today?

Has anyone heard from Burty or Noodle at all? I think they might have gone to another board...?

Dawn, wow garden swing, can I come over please?? ;)

Hi Amanda, sorry you're so worried darling. I have a good feeling though hon, jack is a strong one and he's going to be just fine darling!! Every day he is getting stronger and more ready to finally meet his mummy, so you just think of that gorgeous little face you will soon see!!!

Anyone watch child of our time yesterday? I looooooooooove that programme.

So I'm a spoiled lady today as I'm having 2,5 hours of treatment at 1.15!!!!!!!!!!! I book this third trimester treatment about 3 months ago and was thinking omg I just hope I make 38wks, and now I have! They put you on these hydro cushions and will give me a massage, exfoliate, facial and a pedicure....thought I deserve a treat.
Thought I might also get my hair done early next week, just to keep busy, plus havent had a cut in like 4 months....

Anyone else treating themselves?


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gm all

Em: it sounds like braxton hicks to me.  Are they just uncomfy feeling?  Or do they start from your back and work their way around and it feels like period pain?  Also do they happen for awhile and then go away?  Lots of questions from one of your own. he he.  If they are just uncomfy more than likley they are braxton.  If they are the other could be labour.  But I am not the doc if you are worried about it be labour call your mw and ask.  How far along are you?

Trip:  He is so cute I bet you can't wait to see him in person.  I remember our 3d/ 4d scan they are amazing things to see such detail of the baby its really hard to belive that little person is inside your belly.

Ashy:  So sorry to hear about your ear drum and SPD is no fun.  I have to deal with that nasty monster myself.  Went for our labour class and just the walk around the unit made my whole left leg go numb to the point I had to find a chair and sit down.  And of course everyone had to look at me.  I was thinking they are all saying what a lazy cow.  But hey they don't know how I feel.

Amelia :  It will be good to have the furniture all set up and look fwd to seeing some pics.

Free:  Hope you get good news today at your mw and everything is where it should be  ^reiki^

Becca:  We watched flood thought the effects were pretty good didn't think much of the story line though but it was interesting to watch.  Let's just pray it never happens though eh?

Well it looks like yet another day of sunshine for us I really do hope this isn't one of the two weeks of sun we get a year I will be heartbroken!  I was hoping they would come after jr is born.  Oh well good old UK weather.  Had a nice cookout last nite pork chops and taters on the grill with veg.  And we are going out tonight for tea with a friend of mine from my old job.  It should be good fun.  I have to catch the train from preston to warrington and dh is not to sure I should be going on my own.  Told him I am a big girl (big as a beached whale truth be told) and I will be fine its only 20 mins.  Bless him for being worried.  MW on friday I got some things to talk to her about and I hope they can give me some answers.  As I need them badly.  Don't know what else to do about them and its a bit TMI althogh I know I could post them and someone would answer its just I will ask the mw.
Hope everyone has a great day.  Enjoy the sun as lord only knows we don't see that bright object in the sky very often.

Also hello to anyone I missed. 
I see there have been 2 post since I started typing. 
Hi Yelin and Swede hope you are both well.


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The delivery people called me about an hour ago - the van has been involved in an accident .... so my delivery isn't coming.  Sooo frustrating - so its coming now on Saturday.

Still at least Ive got a lovely day in the garden!

Yelin - I'm in NW London -

ElsieMay - I think those are Braxton Hicks.  Nothing to worry about - they are completely normal

Anyway got one job to do for an hour at 11 and now have the rest of the day free.  Think I'll go off to Brent X to buy some new nail varnish that I just saw on GMTV.

Enjoy -


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Amelia, you gonna get the Channel one??
It is loooooooooovely :)

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Think it is Braxton Hicks as it is an uncomfortable feeling, no pain and doesn't feel like a period pain either!  Phew.


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Yelin, lucky you, have a great time!

Lora, nothing is embarrassing here, ask away!

AmeliaCopper, sorry to hear your furniture isn't coming, hope it wasnt damanged in any way in the accident?


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Yes Yelin

It's fab isnt it  ;D ;D Mind you the way my day is turning out - there prob won't be any left!


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Morning Ladies,

Amelia  Oh no, sorry to hear your delivery has been delayed.  I had delivery trouble last week and it finally arrived on the 6th.

Yelin  Sounds like you have a nice day of pampering ahead, lucky you.

Swede  Enjoy your raspberry tea.  I liked it at first but now I'm having 4 cups I am sick of it.

Hi to  Lora, EM, freespirit, Amanda, Mazv, Ashy and anyone else I may have missed.

It's my due date today but no sign for me yet.  Dont think the sweep has really helped but they say it can take 48 hours to have effect dont they?  I think this bubs is going to arrive late but, I'm hoping not too late.

Jannie xxx

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