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Hi there
Our 6 month old baby has had a terrible cold which has developed into a cough since we went away last weekend ( we went to the FF meet and probably over did it shipping her around!! ;)
Anyway she started last Monday with a bunged up nose and us pulling lots of things out of it. She has stayed bunged up and has now moved onto a cough to add to the equation.
We did take her to the doctors on Wednesday, where he looked her over quickly and explained how babies and toddlers pick up so much during the early years and not to worry.

Thing is - its now nearly a week on and I don't have the feeling she is getting better, its not dire, i.e she is eating and she has her smiley moments, but I just think by now it should be on its way out...
If the doctor said its OK how long do I leave it before going back to be re checked?


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Hi Lotsky,

Sorry to hear your dd has been poorly ^hugme^ ^hugme^

How is she know??

If she is still no better and you still have concerns i would suggest you pay your gp another visit,

Let me know how you are getting on

Luv V xx
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