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Hi all

i am now in the 2 ww club!had basting at 3pm today, i had 9 million sperm put in apparently - are these good figures? for us i guess theyre amazing as DH had no sperm hence using donor sperm but i kind of expected to have a lot more than that!  just wanted some opinions really on these numbers! thank you girlies x

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Well good luck and i hope one of the 9 million reach the right place.

I asked the same sort of question last year and got some information from the member her but gots loads from a lovely lady at the sperm bank i was using.

UK frozen donor sperm has on average post thaw in a 0.5straw anything from 3million (acceptable) to 15 million (she classed this as superdonor).

On my first go i got 5million and 67%motility, i made a bit of a fuss as not happy with count,  asked loads of questions, swapped donor and on the next got got 12 million and 70% motility.

So i would say that your 9 million was above average to good. 

Danish sperm banks have a much better minimum for there post thaw count, they guarantee a minimum of  10milion per straw but the UK sperm bank don;t know why they have better donors ?

There was a woman on this board who got 40million sperm for IUI abroad somewhere and didn't;t get pregnant and another one who had 3 million and did , so not sure its that important, think its all timing really.

Hope it works for you

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