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I am almost embarrassed but thought you all might like a laugh.

I wrote this during my (1st) 2ww.....found it while deleting computer files today.

For most of us of this "fun"all began
With a very long wait for Aunt Flo
After often waiting for so many years
Praying that she would not show
When she finally came the clinic was
The place we then had to go
For some down regulation now was the thing
For others straight to stims you know.
Down regulation it can be such fun
With drugs to take 6 times a day
While at work it can really be hard
To find where you can sniff away
Into a corner you now have to crouch
Each 3 hour alarm reminds you its time
So what if we sound like an addict, who cares
Privacy can be so hard to find!
With all this blood being taken, have I any left?
And results now coming through thick and fast
"Can I start injecting, oh please can I please
Tell me I can start stimming at last!"
And so the day comes when the needles are here
A concoction of drugs to be mixed
"Inject in the tummy? You're having a laugh
Now did they say four doses or six?"
Your stomach is sore due to constant attack
Or your rear end becomes somewhat red
The question is who is it that does the deed
Self, Nurse or your beloved instead?!
With frequent blood tests and scans to receive
Lining and follies to measure each time
Your emotions lurch from fear to joy
As you wait for them to say it is fine
You leave inhibitions way way behind
As you are poked and prodded and asked
Weird question and told what next to expect
Who guessed it would be this hard?
If lady luck's with you its full steam ahead
With a number of eggs to retrieve
Ok so now surgery is the next step
"Please tell me it's ok to proceed."
For some with high numbers it's been hard to walk!
For others they just feel the same
They collect what they can and of course, I forgot
Beloved's important part in the game!
Next you wait to see how many they got
Then how many decided to play
Then if they divide that a transfer can happen
And knowing when will be that day.
For those who have made it this far it is hard
To imagine them in there you know
Scared to move scared to pee scared to do anything
In case they decide not to grow
As you find the waiting becomes so intense
Its only two weeks don't you know?
Talk of hpt's ,cramping and symptoms galore
Than mean nothing at all if they show!
So for those of you on the two week wait
I know how you're feeling you see
I know its not Shakespeare, I know its not Keats
But if this made you laugh, fine by me!

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ebw, you made me laugh!  ;D ;D ;D  thanks!!!  :)

wishing x

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How talented you are !!!!

;D ;D

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Ebw1969 great poem, thanks girl  ^hugme^ ;D
G x x

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come on peeps lets see you have a go.....

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Thanks EBW....it's fab :)

Would be great if people could write a few more :)

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