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Hello Oink and EmilyCaitlin
Sorry to bother you. I am 18 weeks pregnant and have been aching from my chest to my groin nearly every day after being sat down at work all day. I also get the usual sharp pains if I try to move too quickly.  I assume it is all just ligament stretching pains. 

At the weekends when I can lie on the sofa or walk around for a while I have been fine.

I go for regular 20 min walks while at work but this doesn't seem to help much. My tummy feels really heavy all the time and my body feels so stiff.

I had Monday off as leave so only worked yesterday and last night I ached all night and it spread down my legs and into my shoulders.
In bed last night I couldn't even cross my legs while laid down because it hurt my tummy muscles. It was like a military operation just to try and turn over.  I am just going to ring in sick to work for today and lie on the sofa but feel awful about that as it is the first sick I have had to take off in a year. My bump has only just started showing so I didn't expect it to feel so heavy just yet.

Do you think this sounds like normal ligament pains or do I need to get checked out? I don't have a temp and feel fine in myself. My last wee test was only 2 weeks ago and all was well.

Thanks very much


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It does sound worse thanwould be expected at this stage, so I would advise you to see your gp and then they can just check you over and make sure you are ok,  let me know how you get on,

emilycaitlin xx
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