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I know most of you will probably know about acupuncture already, but I just wanted to put this on here if anyone was wondering whether it was worth bothering with or not...
I was ttc for 18months and had just 4 periods in that time, seemed to know when I did ovulate and timed bd and everything perfectly, but to no avail. Had FSH tests etc which came back 6.4, 11.6 and then 8.2 so clearly fluctuating. The (not very good) consultant at my sub-fertility clinic said not much point trying chlomid, and scared me even more by saying IVF may be problematic too :'( (loads of reseaching on fertility friends to find out she was wrong kept me sane just about though ^idiot^).

Anyway, I decided to try acupuncture, without much hope for it working, and was so shocked to find that after just 5 weekly treatments I had ovulated and 2 weeks later BFP!!! :) :) :) :) The ovulation pains and symptoms felt about ten times stronger than normal, and were definitely a result of what the acupuncurist did as I could feel the weird sensations starting during the treatment itself!

I was too scared to put this on for a few weeks in case tempting fate, but just had to pay back a tiny part of the favour that fertility friends was on my journey.  I really hope even just one person reads this and gives it a go and it works for them. I made sure I found an acupuncturist with loads of experience with infertility, in fact the lovely lady I saw had worked in Zita West's clinic in London but has now moved to the Somerset countryside luckily for me! 

By the way if you're still reading and want to know the details I also used ovulation sticks to time bd, and bd two days before ov, morning of ov AND morning after. No idea which one did it!!! Drank more water than I've ever drunk before, ate organic and healthy, took pregnacare conception and omega 3 6 9 and also think I felt more relaxed about stuff than before, this may also have been due to the acupuncture as no real reason why I would suddenly feel more relaxed when more and more time was ticking by.

So massive tonnes of babydust to all, please hang on in there whatever your journey, and sorry if my story has upset anyone. I do NOT mean to trivialise all the complexities of ttc by saying I found the magic cure, I'm just saying it worked for me so just might for others out there. Good Luck! :)
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