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Good morning.

A bit of background.

5th Cycle.
2nd with my current clinic, last cycle i had with them, i got 38 eggs, OHSS and got my lovely DS.

We decided to have one more attempt to give my DS a sibling.

So, last cycle i didnt respond to Menopur for the 1st 10 days of stimming so it was decided that i would start on a higher dose this time to get things moving quicker. This worked.

To make a long story short, there was numerous occasions during this cycle of miscommunication.
I responded quickly this time around and on day 7 of stims, the nurse measured my follicles and said o was ready for Egg collection (im pretty sure there was only a few measuring at 18mm, the rest were lower at 13-15mm, although i cant be certain) i was very shocked and my gut said it was too early.
Subsequently, on coming round on wednesday, i was told that i only got 12 eggs. The doctor told me i have over 70 follicles and that she had never seen so many in her whole career and had they stimmed me for longer, they would have got too many eggs. Surely this is proof they over stimmed me and i over responded?

Anyway, i get the call yesterday that only 2 out of my 12 eggs were mature and none fertilized. Game over.
This has NEVER happened to me. Ive always had good maturity and fertilization rate

The embryologist told me my husbands frozen sperm was good quality and it was definitely a problem with my eggs. She said that something had gone wrong here but wouldnt comment how, or what... but we both knew. She said how surprised they all were of the amount of eggs i got considering the amount of follicles i had.

I think its pretty obvious they triggered me way too early and subsequently, ruined any chance of getting to tranfer, let along getting a BFP.
They should have either cancelled my cycle or let me continue stimming, coasted me then did a freeze all cycle to reduce the risk of OHSS. Im very certain of this.

I have to go in this morning for a blood test, i know im going to be emotional and ask questions.
I want to see my notes from my last scan, do they have to let me look on request?

Am i in a good position to put a complaint in ask for my money back?

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I spoke to the nurse today

Only 6 of my 40+ follicles were at 18mm
The rest were all below, some at 17mm but but between 15 -16mm.
My blood levels were at 11,000 too.

From the vibe i got from her, i think she was more inclined to agree with what i was saying. I hope i am right and not mis-judging her response with her just being sympathetic.
She has advised to complain.
When i said they should have cancelled or continued to stimm, coast then collect with a view of a freeze all cycle to avoid OHSS, she nodded in agreement so she has given me hope.
She said that the clinic have given patients free cycles in the past for errors of many reasons so it was achievable that they could offer me  something.
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