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hi everyone

i'm on my 4th ICSI attmept and this time round i have been put on the pill regime - take the pill for 21 days on day 2 & then onto stimms.

i though i was ok with this but during loads of chats with cycle buddies it seems to have prompted some confusion.

I thought the clinic put me on the pill as it was 'kinder' than the spray and also as 'apparently' i have pcos (discovered on my last cycle)

any advice would be gratfelly recieved - i have left a message with my clinic but as its not urgent (i'm on the pill for another 20days) i might not get a call retunred today!!



Hiya - depending on which clinic you are at, there are a lot of reasons for the Pill. Many think it is just for clinic convenience (ie timing) but this is just not the case....You need to ask yuor clinic specific questions relating to you, as one reason for going on it may not be your reaosn if you see what I mean. eg It can be good for higher FSH girls for example before treatment, as it evens out hormones before treatment and helps control LH before Dreggging really controls it! etc...but this may not be relevant to you! I am unsure of the benefits in PCOS but ask the doc ;). Good Luck ;)

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