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Hi all,

Hoping for some advice... I am currently on the pill and due to have my pill scan towards the end of next week, with a view to starting DR meds. Unfortunately, I have managed to catch a really terrible cold and so have been in bed for most of the last 24 hours  :( Brilliant timing - can't believe it, especially as our December tx was cancelled when we couldn't get to the clinic because of the snow  :mad:

Obviously, I've been taking my supplements, but I'm not eating atm as I feel too rough, and am struggling to drink plenty too. I am now wondering whether I ought to stay on the pill for another week or so and delay the pill scan? Wondered whether anyone has had a similar experience, or had advice from their clinic? Any info much appreciated!

Thanks everyone  :)

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I feel your pain  :(  I've had a terrible cold virus for over 2 weeks, and although I'm getting a little better each day, I'm still not 100%.

I start stims in 6 days, and I've been in two minds to cancel the whole cycle.  Unfortunately I'm travelling abroad for treatment so its not that straight forward.

I would ring your clinic and see what they advise.  It wouldn't be such a big thing for you if your having treatment in the UK.

Sorry I can't offer any useful advise, but I'll be interested to read your other replies.

Good Luck and get well soon.

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Hi Emma,

Thanks for posting and good to know that there is someone else out there who's had similar worries (but I am sorry you've been poorly too!)  :(

I emailed the IVF nurses and thought you would be interested in their response. Basically, they said that, pre-stimming, there's nothing to suggest that a viral infection will have any damaging effect on a cycle and my response to it, so it was really about whether I felt up to it.

As I've managed to keep up with my supplements, drink lots etc, I'm going to go ahead - don't think I can cope with doing anything else really. So, scan and dummy ET next week.

Good luck with your treatment  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^(and the travelling) and feel better soon  ^hugme^

Jen xx

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