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hi all

We decided to start the adoption process in Feb 08 but were told by our LA to wait 6 months then call back (ivf wait) Called back they now need a year and are so short staffted there are hardly any prep courses. Basically told phone back next year.

Ive tried some of the London Boroughs but the closest to us are all on waiting lists etc. We are waiting for one to phone us back.(not holding out much hope!)

All i want is somebody to start the process and a LA to accept us to start. I know its going to be a hard & long process but we cant even get over the first hurdle.

Does anybody have any advice??

I am 25 & Dh 23 TTC for 4yrs. 1 attempt at ICSI - Failed - we do not want to continue down this road



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I am from Kent, have you thought about Concurency, this is when you foster a baby and if the baby if then placed for adoption you get to adopt it?

I have feeling we have spoken about this before and you said you didn't want to do it but I can't rememeber...sorry  :-[

If you want any more info just ask.

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