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Hi i'm due to have EC next week and I am a bit confused over AF during 2ww. ^idiot^

Once EC has taken place does our body automatically think that we have ovulated so therefore will be looking to have an AF unless of course the embies have implanted  :-\

Doesn't the medication cyclogest/duphaston hold off an AF or does it come anyway if the embies haven't implanted?

Please help


Yes that is right about ovulation and timing etc.....sometimes cyclogest can hold off AF yes but for others it does not....sadly the only way to know is when you test...loads of luck!


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When your normal AF would be due is irrelevant as it's not a natural cycle....but you're correct in that EC could be seen as ovulation so AF could arrive around 14 days later.

However, as Lukey rightly pointed out, the progesterone support we have during 2ww can delay AF.  Some women (like me on my previous 3 ivf's) start bleeding before test day, despite having the progesterone support (fingers crossed I won't on this one now I've changed to gestone jabs !)......some women may bleed as soon as they stop taking the support, some may bleed maybe 6 weeks or so after....we're all different after all !

......and, some many get some bleeding in 2ww and still go on to get BFP and successful pregnancy.

Just shows there's no real hard and fast rules !!

Lots of luck
Natasha ^reiki^
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