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I have 5 month old twins.  Finlay is a great eater and until now has been on the same centile.  Over the last 2 weeks, he has put on a pound and a half and moved to the 50th centile.

He has been weaned since 4 months and currently gets the following:

7am: 5oz Milk,
8.30am: Cereal made with 3oz milk
1130am: Veg + baby rice mixed with 1oz milk, fruit puree, plus 4oz milk
2.30pm: 5oz milk
5pm: banana, baby rice mixed with 3oz milk
6.30pm: 6-7oz milk
10.30pm: 4oz milk

I plan to trial no milk at the 1130am feed tomorrow and move the 6.30pm feed to around 7pm and drop the 10.30pm feed.

Any advice on how/when to feed and what at each feed?

Thanks, Alison


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As far as I'm aware, if a baby is being fed too much, then they will sick it back up. I may be wrong tho!!  ;D ;D

All I can do is tell you what I do. I am flying by the seat of my pants with this but I'm just trusting my own instincts until someone tells me I'm doing something wrong!!  ;D ;D

My DS has the following:
7am - 8oz bottle
9am - Porridge mixed with 3oz formula
11.30am - lunch - 125mg jar savoury and a muller little star fromage frais. Water to drink
2pm - 8oz bottle
4pm - tea - 125mg jar savoury and small (80g) jar pureed fruit. Water to drink
7pm - 8oz bottle

But, my DS is nearly 20wks and weighs a monsterous 22lb. I started weaning him at 15wks. C used to to put on a pound a week and seems to now be slowing down to half a pound a week.  ::)

I dropped C's 11am bottle a few days ago as he simply wasn't interested in it. I don't give the milk with the solids as I want him to see milk as a drink, not a meal and so eat more solids IYSWIM. Gradually, I intend to move brekkie earlier than 9am and the 2pm bottle will become a snack in the afternoon.

I would suggest dropping only one bottle at a time and see how it goes. You may find he wants more milk at 7am if you do away with the 10.30 bottle. Or, he may be ready for something 'bulkier' in his diet - eg pastas.

Just some ideas huni. Feel free to ignore me!!  ;D ;D

Mandy xx ^kitty^
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