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hi every 1 im  on 17 cd and have a gut feeling im pregnant again, had mild camping last few days, i concieved feb 08 but misscarried :'( at 2weeks on clomid 100mg so hopefully fingers crossed its worked again cause feelin same cramps b4 period is due. ^pray^

first day of cycle was 11th may 08 and started clomid on 12th for 5 days

good luck to every ttc ^fairydust^

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Sorry to hear of your miscarriage in February. ^hugme^ Did you wait a few months before starting clomid again ?

If you're on cd17 today then it really is way too early to know whether you're pg or not at this stage. Do you know when you ovulated ? If you ovulated around cd14 then you'd only be 3dpo at the moment.....which at this stage, if the egg was fertilised then the embryo would still be in your fallopian tube and not even in your womb yet.....so far far too early to be getting any pregnancy symptoms as embie not reached womb yet.

Only once an embryo has reached blastocyst stage at 5 days old will it have reached your womb and be ready for implantation, usually around 24 hours later, so when about 6 days old.


If you're getting mild cramping the last few days it could well be related to ovulation, rather than pregnancy symptoms.

Frustratingly there is absolutely no way of knowing what's happening at this early stage....especially since AF and pg symptoms, as well as clomid side effects, are pretty much the same.

Do you know when/if you've ovulated ? Are you having follicle tracking scans and/or progesterone blood tests (usually done on cd21) to check whether you're ovulating ?

I know it's easier said than done but sorry to say, if you're only on cd17, unless you ovulated very early in your cycle, then I don't feel that the symptoms you're experiencing could be pregnancy ones as it's just too early as embie wouldn't be 5 days old.....unless, as I say, you ovulated much earlier than cd14.

Fingers & toes crossed for you....good luck ^reiki^

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