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I was hoping someone may be able to help as my clinic is being pretty useless at the moment. This is my first time using DE and we are going to go for frozen eggs as the wait for a fresh donor with my ethnic background is very long. Clinic wants to do a mock cycle but I know that 'fake' oestrogen doesnt help my lining to thicken (I've tried progynova pills, patches and pessaries before and it literally does nothing!). Only natural producing oestrogen from follicles helps. My question is are there protocols that can be done with frozen donor eggs (so you can time the fertilisation point) that mildly stimulate me to produce natural oestrogen even though I of course wont be using any of the eggs from my own follicles? -  they would only be stimulated to produce excess oestrogen.

In addition, if fake oestrogen will never work with me does that mean I can never do a fresh cycle as they will never be able to sync my cycle with a donors?

Any help would be gratefully recieved as I am very new to these new types of protocols. I have only ever done OE cycles (short protocol and natural FETs) but this is my first DE one. Thank you!

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