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Hi Chez,

I am in similar situation like you. I have my precious daughter from my 1st ICSI.. She is 3 now.. We have tried so hard since than to have another.. In april I will do 6th trial. We are putting all we got into this.. As I am 41 this year.. We can not do this anymore.. This year is the last year.. We try as much as we can and draw a line to it.. I can not live like this anymore.. I so had enough..

What you are feeling all so very normal.. I usually have a huge problem with people are pregnant.. Once they have their baby it all goes away.. I can be wth them most of the time and enjoy their babies.. And of course do get upset when I get home. Cos I am never going to have that feeling ever again. But I love babies so much.. I would rather enjoy them and suffer at home at night with my tears.. I think I will lose on loving them if I don't spend time with them.. You will find the way that suits you.. And if you are not going to have any more, you might enjoy your sisters for a while no? I think you can try to talk to her.. I am sure she will understand.. But do this if you think she can handle what you are saying to her... I am sure she will cos she had to go through 2 ivfs to get to her twins..

Plus point those twins will be valuable to your singleton.. They can be potantial of very good mates(cousins).. I am trying for my DD to be close with her cousin.. I want her to ahve lots of friends so she won't feel lonely in the future.. For you it is so great that his cousines are IVF babies like him..

We have to see the positives.. Other wise how could we be happy and make our little and big darlings happy.. And at the end of the day all we want for them to be happy..

Love. Kukixx
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