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Hello everyone

Just a quick question for you !!!

does anyone have any or have seen any negative stories about the Chelsfield Park Hospital in Orpintgon Kent??????? i am looking to go there for treatment so i want to get some facts and figures first from the real people that have been there.

Thank you


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HI Andrea!
I've split this out from the negative cycles story thread in the hope you will get more answers.
Have you tried looking at the stats on the HFEA website?
This link should take you straight to the Chelsfield park page
I'm afraid I don't have any personal experience of that clinic so I can't give any more feed back but I'm sure others will!
Also have a look at our Chelsfield Park chat thread
Good luck!

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Little confused as to why you're searching out negative stories and not positive stories for Chelsfield :-\

You asked the same question on the Chelsfield thread and you've already had some responses so please do have a read  :)

We've been at Chelsfield for over 3 years now and have been through quite a few treatment cycles there (4 x IVF ~ 2 private under Mr Steer & 2 NHS under Dr Reid and 2 x private FET under Mr Steer).....admittedly I'm not a success story but then I'm also not a "straight forward" case !

There have been lots of success stories there and if you look at their stats on HFEA from 2005 (so very out of date) you'll see that even back then they were just above the national average for women under 35....and I'd imagine this would have increased if the stats were up to date !

As I mentioned to you on the Chelsfield thread when you asked the same question, we are more than happy there and you shouldn't just look at facts and figures when choosing a clinic.....there's a lot more to it than that....you need to be happy with the environment, feel comfortable with the nursing staff, have confidence in the embryologists and consultant.  You need to consider travelling distance as well because you'll need to be in for regular appointments, scans, possibly blood tests then the EC and ET etc.

Please have a read of all the stories on the Chelsfield thread as you'll see that all of us are more than happy there........and after so many treatment cycles, I can assure you that if we weren't then we'd be moving by now....but as I mentioned to you before, we're not moving anywhere as we really like our consultant(s) and the hospital and will be going back to Mr Steer privately for our next treatment(s).

Why don't you give them a call and see if they have an open day/evening where you can pop along and have a look round and meet some of the staff....I've no idea if they do this but worth asking.

Good luck
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