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I'm wondering if any other experienced hotsling wearers can help me.
I don't know if mine is too big.
When I put Sadie in the cradle carry position her head seems to disappear behind folds of excess fabric, and yet her bum end seems to come quite close to the top edge.
Have I got the right size? The half of the sling that is against my body seems to be rather flappy.
The underneath of the sling (with baby in it) is hanging just above my tummy button, her head is just below my breast.

Also I can't seem to get her in a position that doesn't curve her body around me - is that OK for her spine?
If I hitch her up any higher, she gets even more fabric round her face and I'm concerned about her chin squashing into her chest.

She goes to sleep in it and seems to think it's OK!
Claire x
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