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Hi i usually post on the NOA thread, but having just had the results of DP chromosome karotyping feel the need to raise a seperate post.

Dp is 33 and on monday evening we were told he has XX sex chromosomes not the XY that most men have, This is the absolute cause for his Azoospermia. Urologist is going to refer us to the genetist to chat through exactly what it means.

Ive searched the web for info and it seems very limited, from what i gather it is just a sporadic thing that happens during embryo development, causing testicles not to develop, not necessarily passed down from parents and not anything that will necessarily cause him any problems in life apart from infertility. His testosterone is on the low side of the normal range and apart from small volume testicles he has no other problems. libido and ability to get and maintain an erection are normal.

He is more embarassed about this then he was about telling family he had no sperm, says from what he has read he's basically a woman in a blokes body, stuff ive read says that sufferers with male genitalia but with XX chromosome are most definately male.

Is there anyone that is or has a partner/husband diagnosed with the same syndrome. he doesn't want to tell anyone but I really think he needs someone to chat to. Ive tried looking for associations of support groups but havent really found anything.


becky x

Sorry for my english.

but my baby has the same syndrom and I would LIkE to understand and to chat.

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