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New home ladies !!

Cyclers. ^fairydust^

2ww - Good luck! ^reiki^ ^reiki^


Eli..g - DIUI 3rd round ^fairydust^

Bracksfarm - DIUI ^fairydust^

In between treatment

Alison0702 - DIUI

Berrygirl - DIUI

BethB - DIUI

Bronte - DIVF

CharlieL - DIUI

Dannysgirl - DIUI

Dazzled - DIUI

Deano - DIUI

ejsmith2 - DIUI

Fizz - Considering DIUI.

Georgiepie - DIVF

Gilmot - DIUI

Gwendolyn - DIVF

Hellys - DIVF

Ipswichbabe - DIUI

jih - DIVF

Jools71 - DIUI


Jules1 - DIVF

Julie27 - DIUI

Helsbels - Considering DIUI, and possibly known donor.

Herbaletea - DIUI

JennyPenny - DIUI

KatieMaria - DIUI


LisaP - DIUI

Mikeygirl - FET with Donor Embryo in April/May

Misty - DIUI

Mossie - DIVF

Mouse14 - DIUI

Natalie34 - DIVF

Oonagh - DIUI

Pickolata - DIUI

Poppy31 - DIVF

Rebecca 1416 - DIUI

Rubyroo - Half ICSI half DIVF

Sinny - DIVF


Suzi T - DIVF

Sweetie21 - DIUI

TinaK - DIUI

Tiny21 - DIUI

Wishful Thinking (Elise) - DIUI

WooWoo - DIUI

Waiting an update ^missyou^

Hollypops - DIUI - Testing 14 April ^2ww^

Trixie - DI - EDD ? ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

CarenB - DIUI - EDD ? ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Eileenh - DIUI - EDD ? ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

fromcali - DIUI ^fairydust^

babydaze (Sam) - DIUI Testing 09/10 ^2ww^

Kellyhop - DIVF - EDD ? ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

AllyB - DIUI - EDD ? ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Precious Cargo On Board ^clapping^

LiziBee - DIVF - EDD 25th July ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Tawny - DIVF - EDD 4th May 08 ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Vic- DIVF - EDD ? ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Sammn - DIUI EDD ? ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Charlie L - DIUI EDD ? ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Ckbe - DIUI EDD 4th August 2007 ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Colly - DIVF Edd? ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Tiffanyb - DIUI EDD 30th August 2007 ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Ju2006 ~ DIVF EDD 26th September 2007 ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

pippilongstockings ~DIUI EDD 20th October 2007 ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Blueeyes - DIVF EDD ? ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Pip34 ~ DI ~ EDD ? ~ ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Stephanie1 - DIVF EDD 11th December 2007 ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

SarW ~ DIUI ~ EDD 8th December 2007 ~ ^congrats^ ^cloud9^

Honorary Members

Alex28 - Moving onto adoption
AskingAngels Moving onto adoption
Hippy - Moving onto adoption
Rach:) - Moving onto adoption
Rubyk - Moving onto adoption
Tibbelt (Sarah) - Moving onto adoption

Never Forgotten Angels ^angel^

Gwendolyn - DIVF ^angel^
Marielou - DIUI ^angel^ Charlie
Colly - DIVF ^angel^ Joey
Woo_Woo & Lea ^angel^
Rsmit02 ^angel^
LisaP ^angel^
Vic ^angel^
Sammn - DIUI ^angel^
Aweeze - ES/DIVF ^angel^
Natalie34 - DIVF ^angel^
Tibbelt - DFET ^angel^ & DICSI ^angel^
Aweeze - ES/DIVF ^angel^

Our Miracle is Here ^babycrawl^

CKBE - Proud mummy to Erin
Aweeze - Proud mummy to Ellis (ES/DIVF)
Ali - Proud mummy to Cameron (DIVF)
Clare - Proud mummy to a little boy (DIUI)
Jayne - Proud mummy to Jack (DIUI)
Jayne - Proud mummy to Ben (DIUI)
Josie - Proud mummy to Grace (DIUI)
JulesUK- Proud mummy to Katelyn (DI)
Struthie - Proud mummy to Steven (natural miracle)
Sweetcaroline - Proud mummy to Sophie (natural miracle)
Sweetcaroline - Proud mummy to Sebastian Richard (DIUI)
Tracey - Proud mummy to Maxwell (DIVF)
Viviennef - Proud mummy to Jamie (DIVF)
VivienneF - Proud Mummy to Daniel Lee (DIUI)
ZoeP - Proud mummy to Jack Edward (DICSI)
Shelly_Anne - Proud mummy to a little boy(DICSI FET)
LiziBee - Proud mummy to Rosa Grace (DIVF)
Marielou - Proud Mummy to Ethan Jack (DIVF)
Wolla - Proud mummy to Thomas (DIUI)
Sarah JJ - Proud mummy to Charlotte (DIVF)
Mandao (Amanda) -Proud mummy to two beautiful boys (DIVF)
Going it alone (Sam) - Proud mummy to Elspeth & Amelie (DIUI)
Ali - Proud mummy to Hazel (DIVF)
Deb30 - Proud mummy to Hannah (suprise natural BFP!)
AnneD - Proud Mummy to Oliver (DIUI)
Nismat - Proud Mummy to Toby (DIVF)

Please let us have any additions or amendments to the above list :)

Sending loads of love, luck and babydust to you all.

There looks like there are loads of updates for these lists :( Will start working on them tonight so we have a nice new list - please pm me if you can see any mistakes !!

T xx [br]

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Oh! I get to christen the new thread!
Tashja - please could you add me to the precious cargo on board bit? EDD is 25th July.


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Hi all

Lizi -   ^clapping^ ^banana^ HUGE CONRATULATIONS on your BFP  ^clapping^ ^banana^

Kehlan - so sorry to hear of your BFN

Tashja - please could you add me to the 'precious cargo on board' list - FET - EDD 4th May 08

Ella - have you started the estrogen yet?  How's it all going?

Need to go and check the other thread for all the bits I've missed.

Love to all

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right - I've checked the last thread..............

Debbie -  ^furios^ for having to cancel this month.  I completely understand you wanting to take a break over Xmas - at least now you can relax, have a  ^drink^ or two and start again in the New year nice and refreshed  ^hugme^

Sam MN - good to hear from you.  Glad the first move went smoothly and hope the second one also goes smoothly.  Can't believe Nathan is 6 months, where does the time go..............  Will you be in your new home for Nathan's first Christmas?

Sarah - great to hear that the course went well. You sound very upbeat and positive.  How long before they assign you a social worker and get started on your home study?

Suzi - how's things going?

Helly - is your appointment this week?  Hope it goes well and you get any questions answered and can set a start date for the next round.

^hello^ ^wave^ to everyone else


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Hi everyone...

Feeling a bit better than I did on Friday.  It was definitely AF... I had hoped at first when I saw the first traces of blood that it might be implantation, especially because of the timing - only 10-11 days post basting.

I shouldnt be surprised really, my whole cycle has been wrong this month and with the LH sticks letting me down we were guessing about ovulation.  Obviously we guessed wrong.

I have had 24/25 days cycle s before but not for a long time - I was like that for about a year after coming off the pill but for the last few years, Ive had a 27 day cycle with only the occasional blip and never a blip as big as this one.  four days early is just wierd!

The good news is that thanks to it jumping forward by so much, i will get my next treatment this month - instead of it hitting the weekend and getting cancelled, it SHOULD be mid week now. I just wish I didnt feel like I was wasting my time.  but they won't even consider doing anything different until I've had the full 12 teatments.

Love to you all....


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Kehlan - what a 'mare about them not reviewing your treatment. Do the clinic not realize the stress that must put you through? ^bigbad^ ^bigbad^ Good news though about the dates for your next one.

love to all

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Hi girls

its been a while since Ive posted but I have been keeping up to date with the news !

Keehlan- Im so sorry hun its just not fair is it !

Well Im off work tomorrow and off to the hospital for my scan I should be basted on tuesday or wed. My dh has a really important interview tomorrow so its the first time Imgoing for a scan on my own so Im a tad nervous.

Just heard that another one of my friends had her baby the other day and a friend of a friend has just found out shes 6 months preg she was on the pill and had periods so its come as a shock ! Everytime I hear news about babies I feel soooo gutted.

Ive booked my NHS Ivf for next year just incase. My EC is booked for 2nd June 08 its my 30th on the 26th June so I wouldfindout then ????

Mind you I have this treatment then 3 more diui's with injections before the ivf. Im sooo negative its untrue I just think Im never gonna be a mum, keep reading lots on adoption and have this firmly in mind at the moment, maybe its a bit too premature yet !!!

Hellys- Hows things with you when do you start tx again ?

Bronte- Not long now until your Care appointment lets hope this time next year your pregnant !

Debbie25- Im soo sorry to hear that your tx has been abandonded how many follies is too many ?????

Tiny- Hows things with you when is your next tx ? how many are you going to have before moving to ivf ?

Elli- Hi Hows things with you when do you have next tx

Lizzib- I bet your over the moon did you have a medicated cycle is so what did you have ???

I hope everyone else is well and looking forward to the christmas holidays

Will keep you posted about my progress this tx

Love Lou xx


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Hi guys

Debbie Gutted for you that you've been cancelled, how many did you have?  Hope that you can relax and enjoy the rest for christmas and be ready to start in 2008.

Kehlan.  i'm pleased to read you are feeling a bit better now. 
You must be so frustrated, having only had 2 faliures so far i have only a little idea of the anguish and frustration you are feeling.  I hope you soon get the positive you rightly deserve.   ^hugme^

Lou ..ditto to you too  ^hugme^  Hope your baisting and scan go well this week.  It felt odd going on my own last time too, but i felt much more confident after!  Wish you dh luck with his interview!!

I hope to be baisted tuesday, or wednesday and am feeling good as this time scan shows 3 follies.  Clinic are happy to go ahead with 3 so am relieved about that.

Good to hear from you sam, where is your new place?  Still in the same area  Hope you are getting on ok at the in laws.

Hi to al the other ladies tiny, debbie, helly, bronte, sarw, lizi, dawn, suzi, all of you!!

We keep getting new mods, are we not behaving ourselves? ^roflmao^
Not that we mind tashja, but are the other girls ok?

Bye for now, love to all

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Hi Eli

Your all so misbehaved all the other mods quit !!! ^roflmao^

No seriously - Struthie was covering while I was having Sadie nd I noticed you guys can talk and as your old thread was getting a bit long I thought you needed a nice new shiney thread with an updated list.

I think Struthie and Marielou are ok.

T xx

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Hi there

Your little girl looks a real cutie!!


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Just back from a lovely week in Lanzarote - back to horrible weather..........

Please add us to the list - Erin arrived 25/7/07.........

Lizi - congrats - if only we can be as lucky when we try again...........

Kehlan - so sorry........

Debbie - I had a cancelled cycle due to too many follicles then got pregnant the next cycle - hope that bodes well for you............

Hi to everyone........ off to do the mounds of holiday washing.........

C x

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hello girls

kehlan - glad to hear you feel a bit better.... ^reiki^ for next try.

eli -  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ shall be keeping everything crossed for you.

lou -  ^reiki^ ^reiki^

ckbe - thanks...that makes me sound quite positive...x  congrats!

lizi - how are you?  you still on cloud 9?    ;D

a big HI to everyone else i know i'm missing loads of you.

well i feel a bit better.    i think i felt so bad friday as the clinic had said we were good to go then an hour later changed their minds...although they didn't really change their minds they'd been looking at the wrong results!  which i wasn't happy about but i spose mistakes do happen.  i had a few follies...are they measured in mm?  i'm not sure?  i had a 21, 2 16's, 2 14's and loads of other wee 1's.  so they decided it was just too big a risk as the consultant said because i'm so young ( ;D ;D) there would probably be eggs in the 14's so that just made too many.  i think they'd have gone ahead if it had only been the 21 and the 16's but because those wee 14's were there they said no.  we'll go again the new year with less drugs. 

take care,
debbie x


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I am back! Thanks Tashja for turning the list over .... yes, it desperatly needed updating :( :-* :-*

Sorry I haven't been on in so long, I had to go down to MK as my Grandad was very ill in hospital, and I was there for a week, then I got back and my internet had problems so couldn't get online, then Ethan had a chest infection so I hardly had any time online as it was! Phew! I'm back now, hopefully nothing else will happen to keep me away from the pc!

Lizi - I am so, so pleased to see your news, many congrats! Its lovely to see IUI works after IVF, an option we have been looking at ourselves :)

CKbe - Woweee, love the photo of your little girl, isn't she a cutie?!

Kehlan - I am so sorry to see you've had another BFN ^hugme^ Best of luck for this cycle ^reiki^ ^reiki^

Debbie - Wow, that was a lot of follies, I can see why they thought it was a risk! My clinic would go ahead with up to 3/4 follies mature, but no more. The risk of multiples is too great ;)

Lou - Best of luck for basting and scan this week ^reiki^ ^reiki^

Eli - Sorry if it felt I'd abandoned you! I'm far too nosey for that, and want to see lots more of you ladies with babes in arms :) ^reiki^ ^reiki^ Best of luck for basting this week ^reiki^ ^reiki^

Right, better go. I've got a pre-op appt today, having a knee op on 11th dec - I'm bricking it!

Marie xxx

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Glad you are ok marie thats all!!!  How is your grandad now? and ethan hope thay are all better now.
Hope your knee op is successfull, what are you having done?

Wow debbie that was alot, at least you know you will get a good lot for your next cycle with the meds.xx

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Lizi, many many congrats.
Eli, good luck for basting this week.
Dawn ^wave^ Thanks for asking after me, yes have started oestrogen now, so think fet is about 3rd Dec all being well. Hope you are well!
Helly, is your appt tomorrow? Yippee!!
Marie, hope your granddad is ok.
SarW, Bronte, Tibbelt, Suzi, Lou, Colly, ckbe, Anne, Debbie, Kehlan, Hippy, Ju, Blueeyes, Tiff, Sam mn, & everyone else ^hello^


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Ella - 3rd December is my birthday - hope it brings you lots of luck  ^afro^


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Debbie....Sounds like you responded really well! At least the meds did their thing, although missing a cycle is soooo annoying. At least you can have some nice drinks and relax a bit with xmas parties.
I responded almost too well on the cycle that worked. We only did a couple of injections, and responded almost too much.

Ella...Wow...The 3rd isn't far off!  ^reiki^  ^reiki^

Eli & Lou....Masses of luck for basting this week!

Kehlan.... Here's hoping the pee sticks are better than last time! I so thought that you may have implantation bleeding. I'm sure the stress of treatment can so funny things to your cycle sometimes. Mine were quite variable, and I never knew at all about what I was doing when. Weekends had to be put on hold a couple of times. I'm sure your body plays nasty tricks sometimes!

Marie...I hope your poor grandad is feeling better, and Ethan is getting over his chest infection. I find it so hard to catch up with everyone and that's only after a day or so...  :) There's so much happening at the moment.

Ckbe...Good luck with the holiday washing! I'm attempting to keep on top of mine at the moment just in case anything happens... ;D

Helly & Suzi...How're you doing?

Tashja...Thanks for keeping the boards up to date. It must be such a hard job working out what's happening with everyone.

Well, My blood pressure has been up quite a bit over the last few days, so they're keeping a close eye on me. The midwife isn't too worried, but is sending me to have some bloods done at the hospital tomorrow. I have a relaxation session tomorrow morning at the hospital, so that will fit in well. Hopefully the results will be back within the day.
We have an NCT breastfeeding class tonight too.
Unfortunately DH was being sick all Friday night, so we missed our NCT class on Saturday. It's annoying as we've paid quite a bit for it, and were really looking forward to it. We still have half left for Thursday, so we haven't missed everything.
I'm just hoping I don't get DH's sickness bug!!

Well, best be off.
Love to everyone else!


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Thanks for asking about Grandad  - he's ok, he had a chest infection and was very poorly with it for a while there, we really did fear the worst, but he's back home at his nursing home now so thats very good  :)

The knee op I'm having is for a torn cartlidge, its all pretty routine but its not routine for me!  I'm quite scared ^scared^

Sarah - Wow, 37 weeks?  Hope the BF class is helpful for you, I'm training as an NCT BF councellor now  :)

Ella - Ooooh you might be on course for an  (almost) christmas BFP then?  Ooooh I so hope so!  ^reiki^ ^reiki^

Marie xxx

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I like your new piccy sarw, you look well you've definatly grown since i saw you last time, and you certainly look ready to have your baby. Countdown has begun!! xxx 

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Just a quickie ladies - sorry I havent been around much lately just had so much on, going out again tonight and Im away at the weekend so probably wont get a chance to catch up with you all until next week.  I am thinking of you all though  :)

Just to let you know that we have start date woo hoo!  All being well we start d'regging on the 28th January which means I can enjoy Christmas and New Year and have a four week detox to get myself ready to go - so excited!

Take care everyone
Love as always
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