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hi all
just had fail circle this month at guys i ve got six embryo six day blasts left planning sometimes this year to put two back but a bit scared about the thawing and all sort :'( :'( :'( :'( someone help before i cried myself to death.thanks :-* :-* :-*

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I am so very sorry to hear about your recent bfn.

I have moved your post to here hun and hope you get some help/support.

Take care of yourself

Emma xxx

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Hi There,

Firstly i would like to send you a big hug as you sound very very upset sweetie聽 ^hugme^ ^hugme^

There is hope, never forget that. My first ICSI cycle failed and i was devestated. Two months later i had medicated Fet and i am now pregnant ! i never thought it would be my turn and i was so sad all of the time but trust me if i can happen to me then it can happen to you too ! FET is great as your body isnt put through so much trauma. The thaw survival rate is normally about 75% i believe ? i had 3 frosties and two survived the thaw and one is currently growing in my tummy so do not give up hope. I have got my fingers crossed for you and聽 ^pray^ that Fet will give you your BFP...

Lots of Love

Bell xxx

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Although it was at Bourn Hall & not Guys - my VBF had 6 lots of icsi (severe MF) 2 get her DD & DS - 4 were fresh cycles - all BFN聽 & the 2 that worked were FETs!

Although the percentage chances are smaller it might be that it suits your body better - who knows?聽 Always worth a chance!

Good luck!

Jess xxx
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