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I had a 5-6cm endometrioma triggered by my 1st round last year, then I did 2nd round, it didn't get bigger.

Because both round failed, I started seeking second opinion, third opinion and fourth opinion. They all says I should do laparoscopy to remove the endometrioma because it's stopping the dr to access the eggs. However my original clinic said it didn't! (I only got 2 eggs, and they were happy with the result, so maybe they had low expectation.)

Anyway, I decide to do sth about the endometrioma, but extremely worries about laparoscopy would damage the my ovaries, I am 39. I've been doing lots of research, and found Sclerotherapy is less damaging, however most research were conducted in France, Italy, US, Asia.

Anyone know more about Sclerotherapy in the UK?
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