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hi ladies

hope u are all well and enjoyin the weekend.
i usually post on the endo thread as i hav endo stage 3. however i was told today by my gynae that it looks like i might hav PCOS as well. i am really gutted as  i guess this will further complicate my efforts at ttc. anyone with both conditions??? i wud love to hear ur stories? am really feeling low :'(


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Hiya zara

I replied to ur message on the NES Site

I have endo and pcos

My pcos was diagnosed first tho and endo diagnosis was missed awhile as was told pcos and endo not found together

there is a few ladies who do have both pcos and endo

There is a chat session in the chat room once a month the next one being monday 10th October 830ish if u would like to join us

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