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Flick, just wanted to send you all my love and best wishes.  This must just be the worst time in the world for you and dh, my heart goes out to you.  Be strong and im me if you want to chat. :-*

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Tiggy  -thanks for your post. I actually thought I had to have a scan in the next week to see if ovulation had occured so they could tell me when to start sniffing like I did last time but they have just said start sniffing on my day 22, my cycles are 30 days.I was questioning it as I thought they had to detect ovulation via scan before you start sniffing. I am more than happy with this. Hope you are well. Have you had HRT before? GM xx

Georgia - you make me feel very lazy, I am still in jimjams at 1.00pm. Yes I am up for next Saturday.

Hello to everyone else, hope you are having a nice day. 

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Juliet - it was interesting to read about your ET. I had my ET yesterday. It took so long compared with the previous ones I'd had elsewhere, I thought there must be a problem but Mr. T explained that he likes to place them very carefully and slowly. I had 2 transferred and waiting to hear about one which is awaiting further PGS and hopefully may freeze it.
A quick question, I've been given gestone (progesterone injections) and they said the needle is big but the ones given by the chemist are huge! Has anyone else had these injections? The needles are green tipped no. 21 (0.8 x 40mm). First one tonight so hoping for some reassurance that they're not as bad as they look.
Also on ritodrine which is making me feel a bit shaky. Anyone else had this?

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Flick - I'm so sorry you've got more bad news and are going through such a rough time.  I'm thinking of you and hope you will start to feel better soon. x

Nikki - I'm glad you and DH have booked to go to Dublin, I really think it'll do you the world of good and get you ready for your next tx.

Tina - Sounds as though you're getting near EC which is good and its great news that you have plenty of eggs.  Fingers crossed for a bumper crop.

Juliet - It sounds as though Mr.T took great care of you and hopefully your 3 little embies will be bedding in nicely now.  When I did my first tx I didn't rest much during the 2ww and then last time didn't even get that far.  I know it might be hard but I think if you can rest as much as possible for the first week you should be ok by the second as they should have bedded in by then.

Tiggy - Good luck with the scan on Wednesday, fingers crossed for this next tx.  I love being blonde too, whenever I try to go a bit darker it never lasts long.

GM - sorry I can't answer your question really but I'm sure plenty of girls on here will be able to. Good news that its all moving forward though.  When do you think you may start stimming as maybe we will be cycle buddies fsh permitting?

Georgia - Sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell, I hope you feel better soon.

Croc - I hope you had an amazing day yesterday and are enjoying being married.  Have a fantastic honeymoon.

Euston - Glad your ET went well and fingers crossed you'll have a little frostie too.  I can't answer your question but having spoken to girls in your position I think they have all said how big and scary the needle is but I'm sure it wont be as bad as it looks, we all get so used to injecting don't we!! ???

Well I have been told to start the opk's and call them when I get a surge and will then have to go back 4-6 days later.  I think sadly the only reason Mr.T wants to see me personally is because I'm such a problem case and I think I need all the help I can get, but I'm glad he is doing it as it is quite reassuring and hopefully he'll keep me sane.
Luckily DH was told he's got a few days off now so we've booked last minute flights to the south of France and are leaving in a couple of hours.  We're coming back on Wednesday night.  It'll be so nice as we never normally get a chance to go away mid season so will be nice to spend some time away just the 2 of us.  Most of all I'm looking forward to eating loads and shopping! ^roflmao^ ^banana^ Anyway I'll be back soon so I hope you all have a nice few days and all you girls on the 2ww make sure you get lots of rest and look after yourselves.
Lots of love Joanna x

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Hi girls,

Euston - I am also on the progesterone injections.  Those needles do look a bit nasty.  They aren't the nicest of injections, but I promise you do get used to them.  I find that they are fine when you do them, but the next day your bum aches like mad !  It'll all be worth it !  I also had to take ritrodine, and yes it did make me shaky.  Always about 30 mins after I'd taken it I would feel very weak and shaky.  The feeling only lasted for about 10-15 mins and then wore off.  You'll only be on this drug for your 2WW.  Keep resting.

Flick - I am so sorry to hear your news.  It just goes from bad to worse.  Thinking of you and your dh. x

Good luck to all our 2WW's - I know it's torture, but I'm sure you'll all have great news at the end of it.

Take care and enjoy your weekends.

Love Tonga xxx

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Hi Girls

I am still alive..........30 weeks tomorrow.......still don't believe I am pregnant except for the pains and the scans..........still a nervous wreck every day!!

Just wanted to say a massive congratulations to Jane, DH and their girls!!!  Well done!!

Good luck to Lara............and just in case you come early Kim!!!! Good luck to you too my love!

Can't believe how far up that list my name has got!!

Sorry it is such a short and quick one......i'm off to make my Roman Blinds!!


ps Flick I texted you..........all my love and massive hugs xxxxx

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Those needles are huge but believe me they are fine.I found that icing my bum with freeze spray(sport injury spray) really helped .Just get DH to numb it with that. ;D
Well I have heard from Flick and she was just waiting to see if her levels have gone down before she can be discharged.As soon as I hear anymore news I will post it am of to call her now

Love Georgia

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Hi Girls,

I have actually managed to catch up on 7 days worth of messages from this thread. Lots going on.

Mrs Croc - enjoy your honeymoon !!!!  ^holiday^

Kim - glad you are relaxing a bit more. Hope you have the raspberry tea at the ready !!  Its not long now  ;D

Shade - sorry to hear your news. Its always heartbreaking news. Don’t apologise for being negative. We’re all here to help each other.  ^Cuddle^

Tonga - congratulations and great news on your levels  ^reiki^

Georgia - thanks for the list.  Can you put me ( sparkle38 ) to stimmers and sniffers please, thanks
great news that you have made a decision. When does your treatment start?

Jane - hope your first days as a mom have gone well.  Hope you are recovering well.

J26/Joanna - glad you have Mr T’s attention . We use Elegant Resorts too they are always so oragnised and nothing ever goes wrong . Enjoy your holiday in France  ^holiday^

Emmalou - really sorry to hear your news. Hope you are ok?

Carmela - so glad your scan went ok. I was thinking of you last week. When do you need to go back?

Sabina - so sorry to hear whats happened.  Hope you are ok. Hope you can get your questions sorted out with the clinic.  ^Cuddle^

Kitty/Country Girl/Juliet - hope  ET went well - good luck for 2WW  ^goodluck^

Debbie - hope your appointment went ok with Jane @ Zita West

Ruth - hope you are relaxed and things are going well

Marly - hope you are ok

Nikki - good to hear from you. Dublin will do you the world of good. We’ve been there a couple of times and love it. Really friendly people and lots of interesting things to do.  :)

Crystal - hope you are well. Where I come from we turn it round and say that magpies bring us jewellery
- haven’t had anything yet but if there are any magpies around then I wouldn’t mind a little something from tiffanys !!  ;D

Euston - have you got your PGS results back?

Muji - this is great news !! I always remember my first gynaecologist telling me never to stop trying - he said that nature works in strange ways ( DH also has high abnormal forms )

Van - have a great holiday  ^holiday^

Flick - so sorry to hear you have to go through this. Its really very unfair. Keep as strong as you can. Hope this all passes quickly for you so you can start to recover.  Thinking of you   ^Cuddle^

Missy London - hope you enjoyed the sunshine? ( we didn’t get any here though ) I read the story about Mr T, I noticed the lady got pregnant on her 4th IVF attempt in Chicago. Crikey ! Good Luck to her.

Tiggy - hi, hope you are ok. Sorry your FET cycle was cancelled. Why do you need to take HRT? Is this to get the extra progesterone?

Holly - good luck for Monday

JenF - Hope you are enjoying your pregnancy

GM - hi, when are you starting dr?

As for me I am now due to start dr this week.  4 days to go till I start dr.

Sorry if I have missed anyone. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Take Care


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Hello girls - i hope you are all having a lovely weekend - i have been lying on the sofa since et and have not been communicating! i have been in a complete state of paranoia all day - i have af type cramps all day and have cried thinking that it is all over - then i realised that instead of taking half a ritodrine tablet i have taken a whole one - what an idiot - so i have been on the emergency line bawling my eyes out. the doc just laughed at me though and said that i would have had a very relaxed uterus..
has anybody had af type cramps before at this stage? i think that i have upset my husband on this one...

lotta - how are you getting on?

flick - i am so sorry to hear of the terrible time that you are having - my thoughts are with you.

shade - i am so sorry to hear your news - try to gather strength and look to the future to the next tx - mr t will do all he can to help you

i shall catch up with everyone soon - i hope you are all having a lovely evening - take care all of you.

kitty xxx

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You have made me ;D ;D ;D what a donut you are ::)
It's very normal to have af pains so please don't worry babe


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Hi there

Firstly, apologies if this message has already appeared - I'm a bit IT challenged....

I've been diagnosed with endo in the last few months (32 and ttc 2 yrs) and dh and I have been told to start looking into IVF. Although we live in s wales (working in Bristol) I've not heard great things about the clinics in Bristol or Cardiff and am (on the recommendation of a friend of a friend) looking at ARGC.

Any comments the you might have on the ARGC, its staff, waiting lists etc would be most appreciated.

Many thanks

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hi georgia - i am a complete donut aren't i - i have been taking a whole tablet 4 times a day since wed - so now i have to get some more tomorrow - ( might leave that to dh to do as i am feeling a little mortified) ...  ^oops^ ^oops^ ^oops^ i feel like a right idiot.

thank you for your reasurrance on the af cramps - they are STILL here - and am feeling v down (they transferred 2 blasts on wed and have 3 on ice)

hope you are having a lovely evening

kitty xx

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i am on ritodrine & heparin injections. Trying to remember what to take when, plus the cyclogest is making me even more paranoid. Hope your 1st injection went OK. I feel shaky too but it doesn't last too long.

Kitty, it's quite normal to have AF pains and quite normal not too!! Everyone is different so try not to worry xx Hope you feel reassured after speaking to the emergency doctor!!

Flick, thinking of you, really sorry to hear your sad news xx

Joanna, have a lovely time with DH in France, i love the south of France, we're going in August. Really glad you're starting again soon and that Mr T is keeping a very close eye on things xx

holly, hope your follow up goes well, i will be interested what Mr T says about assisted hatching. I'm hoping my little embies are hatching out right now!!

Country girl, hope you're OK xx

Carmela, hope you are continuing to feel better xx

Is it OK to drive in 2ww, someone said yesterday on here ARGC didn't like it but we weren't told this

Hello to everyone else  Love Juliet xx

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Evening Girls!

Georgia ~ Sorry, won't be able to make the meet.  Hope you're feeling better x

GM ~ Don't worry about not having a scan or bloods before DR, I didn't either - I started on day 23 as I have a long cycle - they say to start approx 7-10 days before AF is normally due.  Did you have cycle monitoring?  They do this to see how your body reacts to a normal cycle.  They'll know all about how your cycle works and so are obviously happy for you to proceed now you've had your hysteroscopy.  Good luck with your treatment honey  ^goodluck^

Tina ~ You'll be triggering soon won't you (if you haven't already!)

Flick ~ Thinking of you sweetie  :-*

Joanna ~ Have a fab time in France  ;)

Tonga ~ When are you in for bloods next honey?  Has your BFP sunk in yet?

Audrey ~ Fab news you've only got 4 days to go - good luck!

Hi to Countrygirl, Juliet, Euston & Kitty (and any other 2ww girls!) -  ^reiki^ thoughts coming your way!

Binky ~ I reckon your best bet is to request an info pack from ARGC and book in to have a consultation with them - it's the best way to see if you're happy with a clinic.  I'm not sure how long the waiting lists are right now, we only had a couple of weeks to wait for a consultation, but I have heard of some girls having to wait approx 8 weeks.  The staff are really friendly, very helpful, but very busy - it's buzzing in there all the time.  Good Luck!

Had a really lazy day today, weather hasn't been that brilliant here.  No surge yet and I'm on day 17, so something tells me my cycle may be a tad mucked up this month.... I'm in no rush!

Hope everyone's had a good weekend.
Catch up soon

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Hi Girls,

have also been offline since ET last Wed, mainly to stay relaxed and calm and keep my mind off that ONE subject and sad and disturbing news as much as possible. So apologies for not updating...

Kitty, I have exactly the same cramps and was very worried. I then read somewhere that it is quite normal, especially after stimms. It its apparently neither a bad nor a good sign, just normal.
It was nice to meet you in person on the day of ET, I have also managed to ask what the success rate is: 65%-70% in total if you have Blasto transfer.

Euston, I also have to inject with BIG needles at the moment. To be honest, its not nice and I look very bruised but I got used to it - and it is so worth it!

Juliet, not sure what ARGC thinks aboutdriving, I try and avoid it but it wasn´t always possible and had to drive twice. I keep telling myself that most people don´t know that they are pregnant at that stage and do much more crazy stuff - otherwise I would get too worried.

Had ET last Wed and pregnancy test on 30/04. I feel quite well apart from the slight cramps and my breast which have grown by at least two sizes - unfortunately, I have this in every cycle before AF so can´t really take this as a positive sign - yet; although, they have grown much bigger than normally but that might be due to the hormones I am taking.

All the best to all of you,

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Hi Girls

I just managed to lose my post, I hate it when that happens!

Sabina, how are you doing?  I hope that you managed to get confirmation that you are not ectopic.

Flick, so sorry to hear your news.  I am so sad for you.

Georgia, hope you are feeling better and the teeth are sorted.  I can't make the meet as we are away for the bank holiday but would be keen to come to the next one.

Nikki, great to hear from you & hoping your luck has changed.  You'll have a great crack as they say in Dublin and it will set you up for tx.

Joanna, hope you are having a fab time in France.

Van, hope you are enjoying yourself too.

GM, thanks for your advice on starting. Think I will wait the three months just because I have a holiday booked at end of June and don't think  Ican fit another go in before then.  It seems a long time away but it will fly by. I didn't have any visits to the clinic either so it is quite normal, it just means they are confident you ovulate every month I think.

Juliet, sounds like a marathon ET but it is comforting to know they are in the best possible spot.  I am not sure on driving but I think after a week you should be fine to do anything you would do if you were pregnant as they will have embedded by then. 

Kitty, hope you are OK.  Try not to worry (hard I know on the 2WW!).  Lotta, it is impossible to tell what is going on because of the drugs so just keep telling yourself it has worked and ignore any negative thoughts. 

Shade, hope you are OK.

Debbie, how are you doing?

Hi to everyone else, sorry for no other personals.  I know I have forgotten some of the ones that were on here before I lost it.  Next time I will remember to cut and paste!

Love Lolx


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Hi Lotta - it was lovely to meet you too - thank you also for your reassurance about the cramps - i am saying prayers for both of us. i am trying to keep positive - i think that this week will be hard going.

also thank you for asking the question about the success rate.

i hope you are keeping well too.

kitty xx

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Hi All,

I have been what you might call a lurker.  I have been through a cycle at ARGC and got a BFP - have been reading this board the whole way through. ^spin^

I have a blood test today - I think it is my 3rd or 4th since my BFP and I pray everything is ok - been getting a few twinges on my left hand side and a bit worried - but fingers crossed.

Euston - I have been taking the progesterone injections since ET.  I was given 2 sizes - the green one which is bigger but I have been using the blue one which is thinner.  If you are having problems, next time you go to the chemist you can ask for the smaller ones.  Hope that is a help, they are not very nice injections anyway and I have bruises everywhere (been injecting heparin in tum too).

Anyway, good luck to all.  Hope everyone on the 2ww gets a  ^BFP^.

Wishing everyone lots of  ^fairydust^

All the best

Helena xxx
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