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dear girls

i have been away making wedding preparations.  all extremely hectic.  even managed to get the beautician to tweeze out all those horrible hairs on my top lip that i blame on the prednisone!!!

my hcg levels are down to 4000 but i am still bleeding lightly - have nightmare visions of a huge red patch on the back of my wedding dress! all in all though, health issues seem under control (touch wood).  no sex on our wedding night (in fact no sex until i get the green light from consultant :() - however i have been allowed 2 glasses of champagne as a treat (have not had a glass of anything alcoholic since feb).

i went to zita west's clinic for a consultation with her and then to their hypnotherapist.  she was very practical - and mentioned donor eggs.

flick - thinking of you - when i am allowed to, i will try again too!  good luck with your followup.

i would love to write personals to all - but pls forgive me, i can't just now.  i think about you all often and wonder how things are. 
good luck and love to you all whatever stage you are at.

ps i have a problem with my biological mother & her husband of 4 years, not any future in-laws. i feel so guilty about this, but don't actually like her v much although i admire her achievements.  i wonder if this would make me in turn a bad mother or at least make me not deserve to have a child?

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    OMG how awful,hope you are okay,there really are some rotten b`s in the world!!!!!!!Did the police manage to get them???

        Totally unfair...no sex and no campagne...but totally worth it!

Thanks girls for all your well wishes for ET,it went fine....although got quite upset when they told me of all the injectins i now have to take.
Although all the eggs went to blast only 5 are good enough to freeze,but the embryologist said that was great as it is rare to get any at all.

I new Mr.T works hard but found out just how hard.......not one day off in over 6 years!!!!!!!!!!Not even a weekend WOW.

Commencing 2WW already dreamed I had a BPN and thats only day 1,I shall be a nervous wreck  ^idiot^

Good luck everyone,Munnsy

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Thanks to everyone for responding to my post. I have passed the info onto my friend, so hopefully she'll be able to start taking the appropraite supplements before her cycle next month.

Good luck to you all and thanks again for the intrusion,

mal xx

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Sabina - thats really weird I was only thinking of you this morning and that your wedding must be near, wishing you every happiness in the future and hope you both have a great day. I know its hard as you have been through so much, but try to put the last few weeks out of your mind and concentrate on your day, it really goes so quickly (like everyone said to me) and it is the best day so try to think of the positive things like your wedding and future good luck

Van - thanks for the info on adoption it was really useful, when I was talking about the age difference I was talking about the uk restrictions, does this not apply if you are adopting abroad then? I just thought they would apply this rule for any children regardless of where they come from, it would be lovely to think they didnt, good luck with your home study. Also I know what you said about private clinics and your information, but don't the clinics write to your GP and then doesn't the authorities contact the GP?  If we could get round this then we would have to seriously think about get the wheels in motion ourselves so we are not wasting any more time..

Munnsy good luck for the 2ww

Lou what an awful time you have had, you are right how terrifying to think someone had been hiding away for that amount of time and to be burgled must be awful, I really hope things turn round for you

Audrey - thanks for your good wishes and I truly hope the same for you, will rub my buddah for you when I get home

Carmella - Screaming it is then, but one way or another you will get your own way I'm sure

To everyone else whereever you're at have a great day and a lovely weekend


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Hello ladies

I'm sorry not to have posted for ages but I've been keeping up with you all. Every time I try to post I get called away from my desk - so here goes finally...

Tina - i'm really sorry about your BFN, I hope you and DH are OK and maybe considering at least having a consultation with Mr T re why - he often works his magic second time round. I know you've been through loads of disappointment and may not want to risk it again - good luck with whatever you decide.

Tonga - fab news many congratulations on your long awaited twins - enjoy every minute.

Carmela - be firm and stand by what you want - they really think they are helping you but at the end of the day - if you and dH are united about having the time to yourselves after the twins are born no one can do anything. How about agreeing to have visitors later on (be suitably vague as to when) and then do exactly what you want. The only problem with screaming is that you will hurt the people who do love you (and you may actually want some help later on and it would be a shame to burn your bridges). If you both say together that no one can come and stay until you've sorted yourselves out they'll eventually get used to it.

Having said that if all else fails screaming is good... you'll be a fantastic mum to those precious bundles.

Croc - you're wedding photos were lovely good luck with Tx when it starts.

ClaireP - well done on the FSH not long to go now

Flick - I hope you are OK after the funeral - our loved ones never truly leave us.

To the 2ww girls - hang in there I'll be eagerly looking out for more BFPs

I've now run out of memory power and can't remember names and news accurately so will catch up with the last thread and post to the others i've left out later.

All is well with me - bump is growing and I did another sneaky scan at work last night (not that I really know what I'm looking for). It was just reassuring to see a baby shape moving around with a beating heart. We're off to oman for a week at the end of next week and will have the 21 week scan when we get back.




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Hi All,

Weekend is here  :)

Georgia - How is Smudgey? Thanks for the list

Lou - Hope they caught the person in the cupboard - crikey that is scary. There are some odd people in this world. How did he manage to stay there undetected and was anyone hurt? Gosh this is the last thing you need during tx. Don't let it worry you. Hope the DR is going ok

Bunless - glad you got your appointment date. I remember being so excited before DH and I met Mr T. I was pretty excited when I did meet him.

Marly - glad you saw your little bubba moving around on a sneaky scan  I can never make sense of the scans - had one last week and Mr T pointed things out to me but I only had a vague clue at what I was looking at  ;D  Enjoy Oman  ^holiday^

Munnsy - think positive  ;D  Good Luck with 2WW - looking at all the other girls posts I think they key to staying sane is keeping yourself distracted
Didn’t realise that Mr T had’t had any holidays - that explains why he looks so tired

Sabina - You do deserve to be a mummy  . Don’t feel guilty - you obviously have very good reasons.  Enjoy those two glasses of champagne - I’m so jealous I haven’t had a drink for months
Glad the wedding plans are coming along well

Croc - thanks for the return good wishes and the buddha rub too  :)

GM - Hope you didn't get another inject now call today  :) - sending you an IM

Hope everyone is ready to have a great weekend. Looks like the weather may be vaguely ok  ;D

Take Care

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Sabina - no way will you dislike affect your ability to be a great mother (other than positively). Glad to hear you can have the 2 glasses of champagne, and am sure you will make up for the lack of sex very soon after the wedding. Wishing you all the best  :-*

GM & Audrey - Hope the stimms are going well  ^reiki^

Georgia - How is Smudgey?  :-*

Marly - don't blame you on the sneaky scan - glad to hear all was OK and have a great holiday  ;D

Flick - thinking of you  ^Cuddle^

Layla - great news on the appt!

Carmela - stand your ground, take it from me! You'll be fab parents, and you need time on your own, it's just THE BEST bit.

As for the 2WW girls, all testing very soon, I am sending LOADS of positive vibes to the 3 of you - Trying, Aless and TJ71.  ^reiki^  ^reiki^  ^reiki^

Hi To everyone I haven't mentioned.. Haven't had time over the past 2 days to catch up on the posts, so I'm really sorry to anyone I've missed  :-*

As for me, after a HUMUNGOUS(sp?) argument with MIL on Wednesday evening (did any of you hear it?!), things are HUGELY improved and I am calm and collected again! She will probably hate me for ever, but so what? - she has to be nice if she wants to be involved in her Granddaughters!
Have a great weekend
Jane, Katie & Anna
^daisy^ ^daisy^ ^daisy^

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Georgia - thanks will be rushing out to the shops ASAP. Hope Brian believes your story  ;D ;D
Thank you for updating the list

Van - your Daughter is going to be one very lucky little girl, you sound as if you have so much love to give.

Audrey - 6 follies sounds good, glad all is going well before you know it you will be having EC

All the 2wws - thinking of you all, not too long left to go now

Lou - that is so scary, hope you and the vets were not hurt

Sabina - glad to hear things are going well. Glad to hear you will be having a little treat on your wedding day.
You have been posting giving all of us support and reassurance when you yourself was going through hell. To me that sounds like a very considerate, unselfish and caring person, you should be proud of yourself and with all those great qualities you are going to make a fantastic mum.
Not everyone gets on with their mums please don't feel guilty.

Munnsy - glad your ET went well, good luck for the 2ww

Croc - hope all is going well

GM - hope you are ok and you are through marking all those sats

Marly - glad you are ok and managed to sneak in another scan. Happy that your little one was moving about.
I know what you are saying about the screaming and the effects it could have, but when you are faced with people who just will not listen when asked nicely because they think they know better. People who do not think twice about being rude to you or criticizing or hurting you, being from a Mediterranean family where they think it is their "Right" to be involved in every little thing you do. Sometimes you have to take drastic action to get through to them.
I will try my best to get through to them in a nice firm way, but from past experience it does not always work. I know they are only trying to help so i should try to not worry, more importantly i have to get through the pregnancy first.  ;D ;D
Anyway i hope you have a great time in Oman and good luck for your scan when you get back.

Layla - glad your appointment has come through

Jane - glad things are better with MIL, even though it took a big argument to get there. Sometimes that is the only way to get through to certain people. Hopefully she is more considerate now, i don't think she hates you. Hope the girls are ok, they must be getting bigger already.

Hello to everyone else hope you are ok

Love Carmela x 

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Morning all :p

Went out last night and had a fantastic time had a lovely meal and drank loads of Bacardi and coke and staggered home in the early hours singing ^idiot^ ;D. Roll on my holiday now.
Anyway Sludgey is doing really well and even managed to give my mum both his paws the other day without tumbling over,his balance is getting better as well.He has some new toys which I got him the other day(he has already dissected Mr.Squeaky) and loves playing with them.He has to go back next week to the vets where we will see how long he has to be on his meds.

Lou I hope your feeling better now Hun :-*

Trying good luck for tomorrow hope to see alot of  ^BFP^ on here this week ^reiki^

To all the other 2ww keep  ^reiki^ girls

Well I'm of to go shopping and also to take lots of clothes back to the shops as I tried on so many times last night to go out(as you do) and alot of my new ones were to big for me.....RESULT :p

Have a good day girls
Love Georgiaxxxx

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I will post soon, sorry! Am off to work AGAIN in a minute, honestly when will it ever stop. We are all OK at the vets, just one of them has stitches in her head. It is a really scary story and I will post the details when I get a minute. It would make a good film!

Anyway just wanted to send all the girls on this thread lots of love, will promise to catch up soon

Lots of love

Lou xxxx

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Congratulations on your appointment date!!  We are still waiting for our first consultation date.  Sent the registration forms about a week ago.


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just another quick note....I've only read part of the first page of this thread!

Croc - re contacting your GP.  I'm lucky in that I moved house between tx and never gave the clinic the details of my new GP so he didn't find out about my tx until I told him.  I know that the clinic do send a letter, but if you get on with your GP have a word about it.  Also - I did get the impression that the 6 months limit isn't so strictly imposed on overseas adoption.  the cynic in me thinks it could be partly because we're not using state money in undergoing the assessment, so if we decide to back out at any stage then it is our money which is wasted and the people already involved have been paid for their involvement.  I always figure that only you can decide when it is right to go ahead.  Some people need more than 6 months from the last tx to accept that it may not work and adoption is a viable path...some less. 

now - must go and see what the noise is downstairs - so much catching up to do!

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hi girls, sorry i've been so rubbish. I'm doing ok but felt very AFish in the night - hot, sweaty and achey tummy - feel more twingey now which i prefer but what would i know?!?!  Test day is Wednesday - I am thinking of doing a HPT tomorrow or Monday - do you think that  is too soon, bearing in mind i a haven't had HCG injection to give me early false positive???

Trying - how are you doing - do you have any symptoms and are you tempted to test early today? REALLY good luck for tomorrow...

Aless - i hope you're doing ok and keeping sane  ;D. I really really hope this is the one for you - how do you feel and are you going to test early???

Munnsy - hope you are relaxing and feeling positive

Georgia - great news about the weight loss - you are going to look a babe on holiday!!! Let us know how your shopping trip goes today... ps great news re smudgey - sounds like he's doing really well

Van - I love hearing your adoption story - it is really interesting - i'm so pleased it's all moving so quickly

GM & Audrey - you too really deserve to have fabulous eggs and embies as you have both been so good and strict on your diets - i am sure it will all pay off - not long now girls.. hope you are both feeling a lot better and positive

Sabina - i had been thinking of you - i am soo pleased that you are feeling better and that the doc has allowed you some champagne - you might feel tipsy on that as you haven't had any alcohol in ages - it will be perfec! Here's wishing you and future DH a wonderful wedding day and honeymoon - you REALLY deserve it - and have fun with your Aussie friends

Joanna - you must be back soon from italy - hope it was fantastic and you are rested and ready for filming with a lovely brown glow!

Lou - that sounds a complete nightmare - someone hiding out for that long - sccccarrry - i hope you are all ok - try not to think about it too much - concentrate on feeling relaxed for tx

Jane - i'm soo pleased MIL is finally lying low - shame it had to come to you shouting but it's a good thing really as she now knows not to mess with you  ;D.  I can't believe your girls are a month old - have you got any more piccies to download??

kim - you sound soo happy - it's just lovely...

Carmela - I really hope you are feeling positive and less stressed by in laws - surely after all you've been through, they would just let you be, but i spose there's not a lot you can do about a mediterranean temperament  ;D. You are such a good listener - they should give it a go. I hope you're feeling well and enjoying your pregnancy

Croc - your wedding photos are fab and you look gorgeous and sooo happy!

I've been taking it REALLY easy - DP has been a STAR - I am just really scared now of a BFN. Here's keeping fingers and toes crossed.

Thinking of you all (sorry for missing loads of you - i haven't gone into the old thread) and wishing you all loads of luck, tiggy x

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Afternoon ladies

Trying - I hope you are ok and not going mad waiting.

Kim - Rebecca looks gorgeous, you sound so happy. I hope you are well.

Georgia - so glad Smudgey is well on the mend. Glad you had a great time last night and fab news about your clothes being too big and even better news as you can take them back and buy some more. Not long now till you go. Your holiday will be just what you need and when you get back tx will seem a lot more positive, you need a break sweet.    :)

Carmela - I felt so sorry for you when I read your post about people interferring. After all you have been through you deserve to do all this your way. Put your foot down and be demanding of your needs, you are the one who counts in all of this. Please be strong for your sake. I have finished my SATs marking and I am glad. It has been a struggle juggling this and going up to town for 8 every morning, I am really tired already and it is only day 5  :(. Thanks for making me feel better about my inject now call.  ^hugme^ Oh and yes I have noticed the clinic quite quiet this time, apart from today but then there were only 2 of them working in the office and Saturdays are always a bit different.

Lol - Glad you had a wonderful holiday, it sounds gorgeous. Hope you are ok.

Aless - hope you are not going mad, only 2 days to go.  ^goodluck^ for Monday. Thanks for sending me  ^reiki^ . Lots coming your way too. xx

Croc - I hope all goes well on Wednesday I am sending you  lots of  ^reiki^ for your forthcoming tx. I must have a look at your pics. I hope you are well.Oh and as for parking there are lots of meters outside and you don't have to put money in them till 8.30am..

Kitty - 3  bubbas, wow, what fantastic news. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and keep us informed. ;D

Munnsy - I am glad e/t went well, 5 frosties is great. 15 days of stimms must have been awful for you, that is a long time to be having blood tests every day.. it will be worth it though. You need 2 weeks of just rest to get over all of that. Stop dreaming about the BFN and start chanting. Thanks for sending me the  ^reiki^. I hope it works like yours did.

Lou - how awful, what a dreadful thing to have happened. I hope you are alright. When is af due so you can move on?

Van - hi, hope you are well. I love reading your stories too.

Sabina - Your preparations will all be worth it. I bet it will be a terrific day. How lovely you being able to have 2 glasses of champagne, enjoy every minute of it  :). Do not think for a second longer that because you don't like your mum you will be a bad mother or that you do not deserve to be a mother. You will be a great mum and all the better for your own experiences trust me. Remember that these things are always 2 way. Can I ask why they suggested donor eggs at Zita West? Good luck for the rest of your preparations.

Tiggy  - thanks, I hope I get good eggs and all this healthy eating pays off as I am sick of it and I mean that  :-[. I am fretting at the moment that I will see no follies when I have my scan. I have got that into my head. I am also glad to think that all the money I have spent out on hypnotherapy to make me positive is really paying off  :(. You haven't got long to go till Wednesday. I don't know what I would do about the HPT as people can get negatives and it is wrong. It depends on how you see yourself mentally about it.
I hope the next few days go quickly for you. Sending you  ^reiki^ for that BFP.

Jane  - I hope everything is still calm after your big argument with MIL. When does she go?

Laylar - good news about 3 weeks.

Marly - glad to hear you are growing and growing. How did you manage to do a sneaky scan at work? Are you a nurse? Have a good time in Oman.

EH - fantastic levels. Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy.

Audrey  - it was so nice to put a face to a name today. I hope you have your scan tomorrow and it goes well. I will probably see you at the blood clinic. I haven't had another inject now call so I am feeling happy about that  but I am stressing about the change now to Merional as it makes me think things aren't going well.

Flick - thinking of you.

Nikki - I hope you are ok. You haven't posted for a long time. I hope af arrives soon if it hasn't already.

I hope you are all having a nice weekend despite the weather  :(. I am back in bed now after being up for bloods, feel very tired and lazy. Take care.

Love GM xx

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      Its so close now ,for you minutes seem like hours?
Don`t know if I would dare do a hpt,think I will probably wait until I have my bloods....so scared of BFN,although my counsellor said "just do it" last time and get it over with ,then you can get on with dealing with the outcome,quite frankly when i got a BFN I didn`t thank her for her suggestion and would have preferred another couple of days in `hopeful-land`!!!!!
Good luck whatever you decide! ;)
Love Munnsy.

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Hi Girls

I'm sorry I haven't posted since my BFN last month. It has been a very hard time for both my dh and I. There were so many great news on the site that I didn't want to moan. Congratulations to all girls with BFP!  :)

I'm getting slowly better and moving on. I met Mr T last Thursday for the follow-up, this was really the first consultation I've ever had with him, he was very honest and frank with us, there was a lot of negative there too. However, I appreaciated this. I was on high dose of drugs through all 9 days of stimms, produced 6 eggs and ended up with 2 good looking blasts. This part was OK, but my embies may not have been good (could carry chromosome problem) and this is one of the reason tx failed. Another one is my environment, NK cells were border line.
He thinks we can try again but doesn't give us much chances of success.

At the moment, I'm not sure if we ever will, I'm thinking more seriously about adoption. Van - I may email you for some advice.

Tiggy, Munnsy - I'm wishing you BFP soon. Don't do HPT, I think is better to wait till your blood test.  ^goodluck^

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Hi again

It looks like I've lost touch - can't even finish the post properly.

Anyway, I will catch-up with all your post soon and keep in touch.

I'm wising all of you all the best and speak soon.

Lots of love

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Hello again

Shade - it was nice to hear from you again. I know what a hard time this is for you and I hope you and dh grow stronger with each day. What ever you decide to do will be the right decision. One thing about Mr T is he tells it as it is. A lot of your follow up was positive. Is there anything they can do about the chromosome thing? Thinking of you. xx

Ladies can you help me out here. I am driving myself mad as I had another inject now call today and have convinced myself it is all going pear shaped. I know Michele said to me some have this all the way through but does it mean I am not respnding to the drugs? I never had this last time. I am convinced I will go for my scan tomorrow and see no follies or one or two and he will say it's not happening. Have others had this and been fine? Thanks girls. I don't know what I would do without FF.

Love GM xx
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