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HI i wonder if anyone can help?

My DH was diagnosed with azoospermia 4 years ago, when he was diagnosed he was told that all his hormone levels were normal therefore he must have a blockage. We were then refereed straight for ICSI. He was never refereed to a urologist and as we were both naive we didn't really ask many questions, we just accepted that we had to have ICSI and that this was our only option. After 4 failed cycles we changed clinics, when we received our notes from our previous clinic we were surprised to see on the surgical sperm retrieval form that DH had complete Varicocoels! After a lot of research DH went to the GP a few weeks ago and asked if the varicoceals could be operated on to increase the sperm count. He was reffered straight to a urologist of which he has seen today.

On examining him he has 1 very small varicoceal and he does not think that this could of caused complete azoospermia. He has ordered a rectal ultra sound scan for him to look if there is an ejaculatory duct obstruction, if this is the case then this can be operated on. They are also going to scan his testicles to look for blockages in the vas deferens. I really think that he may have a blockage in the ejaculatory duct as the main symptoms are azoospermia and low seminal fluid volume, all of which DH has as his last SA was only 0.5mls!!

I feel really cross  :mad: that he wasn't refereed earlier and that we have spent nearly 20,000 on ICSI with no success! I also feel stupid that we didn't think to push for him to be seen as we had such little knowledge years ago.

I was wondering if anyone else's husbands had ever experienced this problem and if so did they have it operated on? and was it successful. I know that we may be clutching at straws but if there is any hope that we could achieve a pregnancy naturally it would be a miracle.
I would love to hear if anyone has any similar story's.
Love Emma xxxxx
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