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Hi there Oink or Emily Caitlin,

not sure if I am posting in the right place but I found the midwives most helpful when in hospital and so I thought i would ask you guys for some advice.

My little Edie was born 6 weeks early, she is nearly 7 weeks old now, I got off to a good start BF and then had disaster at home so She is now bottle fed on Nutriprem 2. She is approx 7lb in weight.

I am having all kinds of problems with her feeding, she doesn't seem hungry very often, she still sleeps the majority of the day and night ( I am assuming this is normal) and gets really tired when feeding, she will drink about 1/2 oz to oz reasonably happily and then fusses endlessly over the rest, up to 3oz depending on her. she seems to tire really easily still when feeding and as a result i am really having a hard time getting her to take the amount reccomended...

Is this normal, because she was a wee bit early??? she seems happy, it is just really tough to get her to take her feeds, her weight gain is ok and the hv is happy...

I am probably worrying too much... :)

Thanks for any advice, much appreciated!

Em and Edie
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