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Can anyone help me decide what I should do next?

I have had my periods and a negative preg test after embryo xfr. My periods finished about a week ago, however, I am now getting a sore back which is keeping me awake during the night and sharp pains in my ovary area. I have always had 2 cysts on my right ovary and I'm wondering wether the pain and uncomfortability is coming from them, or wether my body is still settling back down. I called the hosp and they said that I should go see my GP because if I wasn't over stimulated, then I should have been back to normal by now!

What should I do next cause I don't want to keep taking pain killers? If I go to the doc's, what is he likely to say/ do? HELP!


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It sounds like it is your ovaries settling down but it could be the cysts aswell. I would contact your GP and get a check up as you can´t continue to be in pain. He may suggest getting a scan done to try to identify the problem.

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