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Hi all,

I have gone and got myself in a stuper (again),  we have had a BBQ this evening, just sausages and burgers.  We had pre cooked the sausages for about 10 mins in the oven as they were thick then they were on the BBQ for about 30-40 mins.  Just got myself in a flap as I had sausage there was no pink in it, but I decided for my other 2 sausages to cut them in half, and cooked them for a bit longer.  I am now panicked that the first sausage I had my not have been cooked throughly as my other 2 sausages were a different texture.  With the first sausage I ate (the one I am worried about) I did like I say cut in half before eating it, and saw no pink and it was grey.  I am really worried about toxoplasmosis.

Thanks in advance
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