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I too totally understand.  Im 46 with a 3 yr and a 2 yr old. Although no one has said to my face as such I kind of see all the raised eyebrows when people I meet know I am a mum  to such young children at ' my age'.
I totally get you when you say you don't have the same in common with mums over 20 years younger....but you do have some common ground....a child of a similar age, Even just discussing the sleepless nights to the tantrums and various milestones whilst your ltitle one plays.
Saying that I know it's not easy...and I have to force myself to go to a playgroup and in the beginning would break out in a nervous sweat over it. I still don't enjoy it apart from seeing my boys racing around and playing with the other children.
Like you have said my friends are also at a different lifestage, mostly with grown up children or teenagers and I don't really get to see them much these days since it can be a lonely business.  Luckily I do have an amazing family network who are on hand which is great
I don't know why people feel they have any rights to comment or judge and I do not wish to discuss my life story with random folk. I do feel sad and angry at times that we couldn't have had our beautiful children at the beginning of our journey and that it's taken 20 + years to get here but am so blessed that we have them now I will not lallow other people's ignorance to ruin that.
Feel free to pm me anytime too x
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