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I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy (Jasper) on 23rd November 2010 at Kingston Hospital in Greater London.

Here's my story:

My due date (10th Nov 2010) came and went, but alas no baby :( . Then on Sunday 14th November my contractions started at about 1am (Monday morning). It was just as everyone had described - mild period pain. I waited an hour and then woke up DH who was really excited. I stayed in bed as they weren't really that painful at that point and friends from my NCT group who had already given birth said to stay in bed and rest for as long as possible. At about 4am I needed to go to the bathroom and found that I had had the 'show'. My contractions continued (they were about 8 minutes apart) until about 6am, and then they just stopped!! Confused, I rang the hospital and explained what had happened, I said they weren't Brackston Hicks and the midwife said that it was quite common for contractions to start and stop. Now, I had pretty much bought every book going and have been to several antenatal classes and NONE of them had mentioned this ^bigbad^

I was convinced that they would start up again withing 24 hours, but nothing happened on the Monday, or the Tuesday, or the Wednesday.... On the Thursday I made an appointment to have a 'sweep' with my midwife. Baby was totally engaged she said, and I was in a good position to have a sweep. It was fairly painful, but over in a minute or so. I had hoped that it would start off labour within 48 hours, BUT again nothing.

I had been told by my NCT teacher that when there is a full moon, it is one of the busiest times of the month on maternity wards. This is because of the effect that the moon has on water (hence lots of women find that their waters break). I have to say that I had never heard of this, but was really hoping that I wouldn't go into labour on the busiest day of the month!

The full moon was on the 21st November and by this point I could barely waddle around and was getting really worried about my baby after waiting so long for him. My DH suggested that we went for a moon walk, under the full moon to encourage Squidge (our nickname for our baby) to make an appearance. It was more of a moon waddle, but low and behold the contractions started bang on midnight that night. We got really excited again, and they were coming regularly until 9am (every 10 minutes) and then they just stopped AGAIN (same as the previous Sunday). I called the hospital as I had started to bleed again and as I was now nearly two weeks over due, they told me to come in to be checked over. We arrived at Kingston Hospital at 11am, had a check over and was told that I would be staying in and they would be breaking my waters. I was also amazed to be told that I was 3cm already. Well, I thought, that was easy. Hopefully, my plan for a drug free birth would be possible..... What was I thinking!!

We were really lucky as I was given a private room at 12noon on the antenatal unit and was told they were trying to get me a bed on the labour ward. Fast forward to 5pm and they still haven't found me a bed on the labour ward. DH and I wondered if I was ever going to have my waters broken and then mother nature decided to do her thing and my contractions started again (all by themselves) at 6pm. This time the pain was much more intense, MUCH more intense ;D

Monday 8pm and I am in total and utter agony, begging for an epidural (I had originally wanted a natural home birth!!
) The only way I can describe the pain is like your chest and tummy are being crushed. It is by far, the worst pain I have ever endured!! However, because they were so busy, I finally got my epidural at 4am (after 8 hours of waiting for one) at which point I had offered the midwives £1000 each to take the pain away. I was actually 9cm dilated at that point and was finally moved to a labour room
Instantly the pain all went and I finally felt human again - it was a massive relief! The midwife then broke my waters for me as they still hadn't gone.

Jasper's heart beat had been monitored since the contractions started, and the midwives were getting increasingly worried as his heartbeat kept dropping everytime I had a contraction (it dropped from 140-150 to 50
) I tried not to get worried for the babies sake, but I could hear lots of whispering and looks of concern from the medical staff.

Senior doctors and various consultants were introduced to us as they were concerned about Jasper's well being. I was told at 7.30am to start pushing. Jasper's heartbeat dropped right down though and the head consultant examined me. We discover that the midwife has got it wrong and I was only 9.5cm dilated. The poor midwife (who was amazing) looked horrified and was really upset, but DH tells her that "sh*t happens".

The staff became increasingly worried about his heart rate as it kept dropping, so they told me they were going to take blood from his head which was still in my womb! They had to do this 4 times as the first 2 goes, the results were inconclusive. They were doing the test to make sure he had enough oxygen to last inside me, or else it will be an emergency c-section to get him out quickly.

The results came back 5 minutes later and it's good news, the oxygen supply was good so they were prepared to wait another hour to see if he would come out naturally. But then my contractions start to slow down!!! I then had to have a drip connected with syntocinon to get them going again. I was examined again at 10.30am and I was FINALLY 10cm - time to push. But I'm told that due to his continued heart rate drop, they want to use forceps
which was the one thing I wanted to have. However, with 3 of the most senior members of medical staff in the room, I just want Jasper to be delivered safely. I was also told that I'd had to have an episiotomy to help the forceps. With the encouragement of everybody in the room, I started to push as if I'm having a number 2! I pushed with all my heart as I was so desperate to meet my little man.

After about 20 minutes of pushing, Jasper came out holding one of the forceps!! Jasper was born at 12.07pm on Tuesday 23rd November. DH and I burst in to tears as the baby was whisked away to be checked. DH kept telling me over and over again "He's perfect - so beautiful". The lead consultant told me that he had his umbilical cord wrapped around his stomach and neck, which was the cause of his heart rate dropping. They handed me the baby and I just couldn't stop crying as he is put into my arms and chest; he looks straight into my eyes and he doesn't cry at all. It was truly one of the most amazing feelings in the world, especially after such a worrying and stressful labour to have him safe in my arms. I later found out that he was born on the 25th anniversary of my grandad's death who was a wonderful man.

I still can't believe that we have been finally blessed with such a beautiful little boy and my heart totally melts when he looks into my eyes and stares at my face. I truly thought, that after such a long time of trying I would never be a mum, and there were many dark times. But miracles do happen. For those of you who are still waiting to meet your little ones, get ready to be totally overwhelmed with love. And for those of you who haven't got there just yet, it will happen, never give up; if we had listened to the 'experts' we wouldn't be where we are today.

Bella :-*

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Wow, what a beautiful birth story. I have a lump in my throat after reading it.  :)
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