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Hello all :)

Due to the growing popularity of members posting their Birth stories on Fertility Friends we have decided to open up a whole new section for you.

Your Birth Stories is your thread on Fertility Friends to tell us all about the arrival of you miracles!

Please start your thread title in this new section with YOUR NAME and then in brackets [cesarean birth] for the type of delivery you have had, an example would be :

Amanda's Birth Story [vaginal epidural birth]

Here are some categories to help you decide which best fits the description of your babies birth :

General Birth
planned Cesarean
un-planned Cesarean
complicated Birth
Induced Birth
Home Birth
Non-medicated Birth

We look forward to reading and sharing the experiences of the labour and birth of your miracles. For those of you who have already posted your birth stories, these stories have already been re-located to the new section, can we ask that you take a moment to pop over to the new section to amend the title of your thread to include the type of birth you had, many thanks :)

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