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Hi ladies..

just a quick question, ive recently had 1st failed icsi..but i was wondering if anyone could explain blast transfers and if i cud benefit nxt time?

emsy xx

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A blastocyst is a 5 day old embryo.  It may increase success rates because it's natural selection that only best embryos will survive to 5 days but also because in natural conception, embryos are usually in the tube before reaching the womb around 5 days old, ready to start implanting so this may also mean that the womb is more receptive at this stage.

However, there are risks involved because it may mean that you wouldn't have anything to transfer as the embies may better off in natural environment of womb rather than petri dish in a lab.

Most clinics will only consider blastocyst if you have at least 5 or 6 top grade embryos on day 3.  We've tried to get there for our 2nd and 3rd fresh IVFs and despite having lots of eggs and quite a few top grade embies, we just missed it by maybe 1 or 2 embies each time......we finally did it this time round....out of 30 eggs, 14 fertilised by day 5 we had 4 blastocysts and the rest stopped at day 4 (morula)......we had 2 good grade blastos transferred on day 5 but the other 2 were taken to day 6 but sadly not good enough to freeze.....so there is a lot of risk involved.

Did you have lots of good grade embryos ?  It's maybe worth discussing with your consultant at your follow up appt.

If you use the search facility you'll find that your question is asked many many times so there are loads of threads and even polls on the voting board discussing it.  Often using the search facility is a good first port of call for any queries as you'll usually find your questions have already been answered.
Try doing your own search and have a read of all the other threads and the polls too.

Take care
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