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General Site Guidelines:

Fertility Friends is a public forum. Aside from a few protected areas, it is viewable to all members of the public regardless of whether they are a member or not. Bear this in mind when posting potentially identifying information about yourself and others. Do not share email addresses, phone number, addresses and social network ids on the boards (you may use the PM system to do this).

1. Do not start duplicate threads. A duplicate thread is any thread where the content of the post is the same even if the title is different.

2. Do not attempt to get around the naughty words filter by deliberately misspelling or spacing the words out. The filters are there for a reason.

3. Do not post anything that is potentially libellous or defamatory. You may express opinions if they are based on truths but do not post material that is speculative and liable to damage reputations of individuals or organisations.

4. Do not post requests to sell, buy or give away medications or supplements. This is illegal. Doing so will lead to an instant ban.

5. Beware of Copyright. Post links to information/lyrics/poems off site, rather than copying and pasting them.

6. Do not post in a way that could be considered bullying, harassment of, or attacking other members, volunteers or site management. This includes discussing other members in other threads in a negative way, or taking over threads with arguments or taking arguments to other threads to "rally" support.

7. Conduct yourself with the same decorum you would on the boards when in the chat room.

8. Keep on topic, especially in threads asking specific questions about an area of support. If necessary, start a new thread if you have a new question or wish to debate a point further.

9. Write your posts in English, or include English translation to your post. Out of respect for those who English is not a first language, avoid overuse of text typing.

10. Do not spam the threads. Spamming can be anything from multiple posting / advertising to single word responses.

11. Do not use excessive quoting. In a busy thread it will often be sufficient to just address the person by name. This can also be seen as spamming

12. Do not share contents of private messages in publicly (or semi public) viewable areas of the site (unless you have been given permission to do so my the sender).

13. Please note, some parts of FF may have additional guidelines or rules. Read any sticky topics or topics labelled "read me" or "Please read" before posting to ensure you understand what these are.

Guidelines For Pregnancy And Parenting Discussions

Fertility Friends is a site that supports people who face the struggle to become a parent with fertility issues or when needing assisted conception. While it is always inspiring when members are successful, we all need to be respectful of the feelings of those still on the journey, or who have exhausted all options and are facing a life without children. Fertility Friends is often a safe haven - the only place those members can come and feel there are others who understand. As you might imagine, one of the most difficult aspects for those struggling to conceive, is dealing with baby and pregnancy chat/pictures etc. in real life. Members who come here should be able to do so without worry that what they see and read here will cause upset to them.
We have created some very specific designated areas where members who have overcome their infertility can share and support each other on the ongoing journey through parenthood.

Outside these designated areas (see Exceptions, below), please keep discussions about your or others' pregnancy and babies to a minimum. As a general rule this means you should be posting no more than the very basic information, consisting of a line or two of text.

In addition:

No scan/bump/baby or pregnancy/baby related (i.e. pictures of maternity dresses or prams) are allowed in posts.This is because bump/scan and baby pictures are graphic and often the hardest to deal with. If necessary you may post your photos in our gallery (http://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/gallery), or provide a link to photos of your bump/baby which you have hosted externally (please place a content warning above the link. i.e.:

If you want to announce the birth of your baby, post the announcement in the Birth Announcements Board and provide a link to it in your regular threads. Any Birth announcements made outside the Birth Announcement Thread will be moved or removed.

Don't post details of your baby's birth (beyond basic information like weight, gender, time in labour, method of delivery.) We welcome detailed accounts of your birth in the Birth Stories Board.

If you want to start a new thread announcing your pregnancy (BFP), this must be done in the BFP Announcements Board. However you may post to advise of your success in existing threads you frequent, either as a direct post or via a link to the thread you have started in the BFP Announcement Board.

If you want to seek parenting support, or share parenting information (no matter what this is), this must be done in the designated areas (see Exceptions below). Any threads started outside of the designated areas that contains baby/pregnancy related content and aimed at only pregnant members/parents will either be merged / moved into the relevant section, or removed.

You may update any of your thread buddies (on threads you regularly post on) of the progress of your pregnancy/how you baby is doing if this is done at a basic level, showing sensitivity to those who are still trying to conceive. If necessary, you can provide links in thread to where you have posted more detailed information (with appropriate content warning).


The Designated Areas mentioned above are the boards and threads called "Pregnancy & Parenting After Infertility. There you may seek more specific, detailed pregnancy and parenting support and chit chat. In this section there is no restrictions on how much detail you wish to share.
Click Here for Pregnancy Support
Click Here for Parenting Support
Pregnancy & Parenting After Infertility Areas and threads also exist in a number of specific areas to deal with specific associated issues, as well as on the Locations boards. Additionally some of these threads exist elsewhere because of a history/precedent set prior to board restructuring. While we will not be removing them, from this point onwards no additional Pregnancy or Parenting aimed/related threads may be started anywhere on FF outside of the designated Pregnancy and Parenting sections listed above. There will be no exceptions to this.

Relationship Support Board: You may post content about pregnancy and children/babies on here if it is relevant to the support you are seeking. Please place a content warning in the thread title, i.e, "Just need to rant (pregnancy mentioned)" For more specific support for relationship issues post pregnancy, you may use the Parent's Health Physical & Emotional board.

Reconnecting With Old Buddies Board: This area is for longer term FFers who have known each other for a long time. There is no restriction on pregnancy and parenting chat in this area, however as there are members there who are still on their treatment journeys, we ask all those who use this section to post in a manner which is respectful of each other's feelings.

Moving On Deciding and Accepting Board. This area is specifically provided for those who have exhausted all their options and are facing the prospect of living without children in their family. Some of the content here may be uncomfortable for successful members, and those still undergoing treatment to read. We ask all successful members to respect this "safe haven" and refrain from posting in this area.
Fertility Friends Management reserve the right to remove without notice any content they feel is inappropriate, and to issue warnings or ban members who continuously contravene guidelines or otherwise post in an inappropriate way.

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