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hiya Mel - just seen this post - you should come over to the Twins mum thread on the twins board.. there are loads of us there!

I'm no expert and seeing as though my girls are only just 7 months I don't want to sound like I am trying to teach you to suck eggs but have you read the Baby whisperer books at all? I am really big fan of her methodology and basically every problem we have had there has been an answer in her books.

Anyway for night wakings that have turned into a habit as this sounds like, she suggests doing pick up/put down which basically is picking the baby up until they are settled and then putting them back in their cot. You will have to do this a number of times (anything up to 100 I think is the record!!  :eek: ) but I did it for one of my girls a couple of months back and it definitely works. The book explains it better and in more detail and there is also the baby whisperer website which also explains it.
I think other suggestions would be to offer water instead of milk and then she will realise there is point in waking up.
If she just wakes but doesn't cry maybe try leaving her and she might resettle on her own??

anyway I hope i've been of some help but obviously i'm no expert!!

take care
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