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Hi all

I'm new here and just wondered if any of you ladies could offer any advice. this will be our 4th ivf cycle all the rest ending in negative.
i am 13days post egg collection and 11day post embryo transfer i had 2 top grade embryos transfered a 9 cell and a 7cell. never had grade 1s before only grade 3s, yesterday when i woke i had a brown discharge like stuff ( sorry for the over share) but it soon went away and i had it again this morning, never experienced anything like this before. phoned clinic but not very helpful just told me to carry on with the pessaries and test as normal on sat 4th dec. the the question i need answering is could this be a sign my period is on the way? in my normal cycle i tend to just have red flow straight away so found this brown stuff very strange

Thank you
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