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We're loading up the car for our holidays and I am trying to compress the Bugaboo down as small as poss. I can do all of it (even remembered that the carrycot folds flat) but I can't for the life of me remember how to take the small wheels off and I can't find the instructions anywhere.

So, please, if anyone knows how to get them off please can you let me know ASAP  ^pray^


S xx

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Shelley I just found this on Bugaboo's website ....

(here's the pdf's link .... http://www.bugaboo.com/userguides/cameleon_uk/Z50110_UG_C_280706_UK_RV05.pdf)

I don't actually have one so don't know if this will help but hope so. Enjoy your holiday! B x :-*

other functions
removing the swivel wheels from the holders
a. The swivel wheel has a round button, which protrudes through the holder.
The button has 2 sprung lips.
b Squeeze the 2 lips together and remove the
swivel wheel from the holder.
c. Do the same on the other side.
swivel wheels active
a. Push down the swivel locks.
b. The swivel wheels are active.
c. The Bugaboo Cameleon's manoeuvrability is highest
with this setting.
swivel wheels not active
a. Push up the swivel locks.
b. The swivel wheels are non-active.
c. The Bugaboo Cameleon now moves in a straight line.
adjusting the swivel wheels
The suspension is usually adjusted to the lightest setting.
a. Set the swivel wheels to non-active.
b Pull down the white spring clamp.
c Slide the white spring clamp to one of the 4 positions.
d. Fasten the spring on both swivel wheels in the same
Advice The more upright the springs when the 4 wheels are
on the floor, the more rigid the suspension.
Advice For continued optimum comfort, Bugaboo
recommends adjusting the spring one notch for every
5kg of load (child + baggage in the underseat bag).
• ALWAYS put both swivel wheel springs in the
same position. This prevents instability.


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Awww bless you B, that's really kind of you  :-*

At the moment it's all lobbed in the boot so will go and have a fiddle  ;D

Thank you

S xxx
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