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Sadly we had an incident that provoked the development of this policy.

I'd like to thank suzie(olive) for producing this policy document and also the admin team for their suggestions and reviews on it.

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Bullying and harassment occurs when a person is subjected to unwanted conduct which has the purpose of violating their dignity or creating a hostile, humiliating, offensive, undermining or intimidating environment for them.

Bullying and harassment can happen in many forms including cyber bullying which can include email abuse, personal attacks on members in posts, chat room discussions and private messages.

We all have a duty to be aware of our behaviour and how our conduct affects others. Differences in culture, attitudes and experiences can mean that what is perceived by a person experiencing the behaviour of harassment may be perceived by others as normal. It is important to be sensitive to the feelings of others and adjust behaviour as necessary.

Fertility Friends is committed to providing an environment in which everyone is treated with dignity, fairness and respect and are valued for their contribution.

Bullying, harassment or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Each member is responsible for ensuring that their conduct is acceptable and complies with this policy.

Fertility Friends Management responsibilities;

• To set a positive example by treating others with respect
• Do not accept behaviour that may be offensive to others
• Take action to deal with any concerns from members in a confidential manner
• Tackle and try to resolve any incidents.
• To safeguard our members
• Respect others views and opinions
• Be non judgemental
• Provide a safe haven for members to feel able to express themselves

Members Responsibilities

• Do not post views that you know will fuel a negative response
• Listen and respect other members views even if you don't agree with them
• Contact admin if you feel any member is being bullied or harassed.

Gentle Reminder

Fertility Friends does not permit multiple user accounts.

If you are found responsible for any sort of user harassment, you may be banned indefinitely from the site and your ISP will be contacted. No warnings need be given.

The site administrators and its moderators reserve the right in their absolute discretion to remove or edit individual threads and/or posts; and to ban or suspend users where it is considered justified in order to maintain the smooth running and integrity of the site.

Copies of our 'full' terms and conditions can be found here : terms and condions
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