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Hi There,

Wonder if anyone can help me please.. If you have HRT in a frozen cycle, can it then go onto affect supression in your next cycle? I had my -tive result on Feb 28th and have only had one AF before my hospital said I could start straight away for my next full ICSI cycle.  But I am now really worried that the HRT may still be hanging around and causing me to not down reg properly as my sniffing started on day 1 of my cycle, but I never got a proper AF? (has only been old blood)

I know I will find out at my baseline but that is still 2 weeks from now, and I'm looking for any reasurance that it is ok to go straight to another cycle after having a frozen one??  For my other cycles I had a few months gaps in between..

Sorry to go - getting a bit stressed!
Any help would be really appreciated,
Kelly x
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