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hi jeanette please can u give me some advise on what to do. I have a 6 wk old who doesn't want put down and is constantly screaming. she is bf. i offer her this first and she pulls away not all the time but mainly late afternoon early evening,

but all day is wanting to be held,right from waking up at 6. i also have 2 other children who are starting to feel a little neglected, i need to get ready in the morning to take my children to school and walk our dog, i am up at 1am-3am and then 6 but it takes around 40 mins each time, so i don't feel rested and school finishes here at 12 so no chance to catch up on sleep (i live in denmark, but only 4 wks until i return to uk) , dh is not involved in most of this as he has to get up for work, he will take her for a hour or so in the evening but he is sometimes out then.

i am having to walk around with her in a sling in the evening as the crying is worse and i have tried everything i can think of to soothe it can be from 5ish up until 10.30 11pm before she is ready for sleep and has calmed down, i bathe her at 6 then give her feed, but she is then wide awake so sleep is out of the question.

i have run out of ideas, i am giving infacol too. i can not get hold of anything to give but a friend went to the u.k and bought this back for me.

any advice would be gratefully received.

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