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This story  happened about a month ago in a little town in Ireland,
and even though it  may sound like an Alfred Hitchcock tale, it's real!

It was the middle of  a very dark and stormy night, a guy was on the
side of the road hitch hiking.  As the night rolled on, cars were
scarce,and no lights lined the street. The  storm was so strong he
could barely see a few feet ahead of  him.

Suddenly in the distance he saw the head lights of a car  coming
towards him and without any reason it slowed to a stand still  beside

Without hesitation, the guy hurriedly gets into the car  and closes
the door only to realize there is no one sitting behind the wheel.  All
a sudden the car begins to move, the guy looks at the road ahead  and
notices a sharp curve coming his way.

Scared, he starts to  pray,begging for his life. Still in shock, but
just before he hits the curve,  a hand appears through the window and
turns the wheel. Paralysed with  terror,the guy watches how the hand
appears every time they approach a  curve.

Gathering all the strength he has, the guy grabs the  door
out onto the pavement and runs as fast as he can to  the nearest

Dripping wet and in shock the guy runs into a  crowded local bar,asks
for two shots of whisky and begins to tell everybody  about the
horrible experience he just went through. Everyone is glued  in
and amazement as they notice the guy shaking, crying but  clearly not

About half an hour later two guys walk into the  same bar and in
amazement one says to the  other...

"Look Mick, that's the as*h*le that  got in the car when we were
pushing  it!"


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