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This is my very first thread ever and hope some lovely ladies can help and give me some very needed guidance.
Me and my husband have been trying for a baby for 5 years now. We went through IVF in Chester at the end of 2011, this failed with also no frozen eggs so we were devastated.  :-[
Knowing we had another go on the NHS we picked ourselves up and decided to have a year out to try again naturally but had no look.
We had an appointment yesterday back at Chester to start our 2nd cycle but we are trying to make the decision to get transferred to Liverpool or not as I work in the city centre and think it will be easier! This decision has become very stressful and I need help in knowing what is the best move to do!
I know all the staff at Chester they are very friendly, I know where to go and what to expect when Im there! The only thing I dont like is having my egg retrieval done there and then my husband driving them to Liverpool! Does this do any harm to the eggs???

Do I stay at Chester for my 2nd and final cycle or go to Liverpool for it all??? Please help me make a decision.

Thanks for reading my thread!!  xxx  ;D
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