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Hoping to get some advice. I'm currently DR for our final attempt at tx with my eggs and trying to do/take anything which may help. I've been taking Zita Wests Vitafem for a good 8 months and also take wheatgrass and L-Arginine but I've been looking into Chlorella and Spirulina. It seems these are very good and contain a lot of protein as well. I'm hoping to start stimms in just over a week, if all is OK at baseline scan. ^pray^ Does anyone know if it's OK to take the Chlorella and Spirulina with the Vitafem? I don't want to unbalance things as I know the Vitafem contains the vits in all the right proportions but I'd like to try the Chlorella etc as I'm a really poor responder usually so anything that might make a difference I'd be keen to try.

I know none of you are medical practitioners but I'd appreciate your thoughts and opinions on this and/or experience. Many thanks.


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I'd avoid going overboard on all the supplements and vitamins....ideally you should be getting a healthy balanced diet with all the nutrients you need.

I've not taken the Zita West or Marilyn Glenville vits myself and have always taken either Pregnacare or last few years, Sanatogen Pronatal.  I took take some additional supplements on top of that when I'm going through treatment though and those include wheatgrass, chlorella and spirulina, as well as coenzyme q10, vitamin e & zinc.

I'm not sure exactly what's in the ZW Vitafem so maybe have a check and see what's in them.  The reason I take the wheatgrass, chlorella & spirulina is because of the protein levels....and the rest are good for healthy eggs too.

Have a little read of this Complementary Therapies board as well as Prenatal Care board and see if you can find any useful threads on there as I'm sure there will be :)

Good luck
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