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I have just had first baseline scan yesterday. 
Previous recent scans have shown one smallish normal cyst on each ovary but always told nothing to worry about.
Having ICSI due to m/f problems. At scan yesterday showed one ovary had cleared up completely and I had responded well to d/r.
However, the other ovary now has 2 simple cysts and 2 chocolate cysts.  Not sure of size, medium'ish'.  Never been told anything about endometriosis but now it appears i have it (with the chocolate cysts).
My consultant feels that these will not cause any problems and I have started stimms.  However, i cannot stop worrying!!
It seems strange that these chocolate cysts have suddenly appeared, does this mean i have endo elsewhere??  I do have crampy periods from time to time but never thought had endo or anything??
Do you think cysts will affect IVF or is it possible that will be o.k.
As we have to have ICSI anyway, is it worth getting endo checked out or just carry on??

Any advice would be great as i really didn't expect this and didn't ask questions at the hospital (very dazed and confused).


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Kelly, sorry to hear you had confusing and upsetting news. The chocolate cysts must be small for them to be happy for your to start stimulation and I am sure things will be fine. They will try to avoid going near them at egg collection so as not to contaminate any potential eggs and you may find that you have a slightly reduced response on that ovary.
Good luck for this cycle.

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