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Hi all,
I was wondering if anybody could tell me what is the maximum number of cycles you can have using clomid?
I already had 6 cycles about 4 yrs ago when we were trying for the first time, Last time I went to the clinic they said if I wasn't pregnant by the next appointment (14 Sept) they would do a HSG and put me back on Clomid. I always thought the maximum was 6 cycles but the doctor said 12! ???
Is the doctor right or do I refuse to go back on them?
Thanks in advance

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I dont know if times have changed but i had clomid back in the early - mid nineties

I had it on and off for about 3 years, i had a few months break though i have to say not a straight solid for 3 years

I think i had it in total about 18 months.

If you have any fears about long term effects then i would ask your medical team.

I did take clomid straight for a year so u should be ok

I think its when ur taking it straight for a set amount of time, or if u have any ill effects etc from it

PS i am not a nurse am just advising from personal experience

Best of luck

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