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Hi i was wondering if someone could fill me in with a bit of information!!!!!

I am a PCOS sufferer and and am currently on Metformin 3 day 500mg i have been on this since April 04, (and have been fine on it) we are currently on the waiting list for ICSI, i suffered a m/c in September this year and have been advised to take Clomid by my consultant however the dumb thing of me is i forgot to ask for any information on it! (I was that busy getting the answers i needed about my m/c).

Any information on Clomid whatsoever will be very much appreciated i.e. side effect, what it actually does etc etc!

thanks to all you lovely people

Love Kee xoxoxoxox

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Hi Kee,

Clomid literally just gives your ovaries a bit of a boost,it has quite a few side effects but no serious ones....as always though they have to point out these side effects to cover themselves but very few are actually a problem to anyone.
There is a thread on here dedicated to couples using clomid....you should give them a visit as i'm sure they'll be a great support to you & help you with any questions you have.
Good luck!!!
juels xxx
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