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Hi everyone

I'll start with the story of how it all began!!!

After a laparoscopy (had due to investigations into infertility) I was diagnosied with endo. I was then referred onto a fertility and endo specialist and had a further lap/hysteroscopy in July of this year which was said to be extremely successful - removing a cyst on my left ovary with was full of endo and leaving no endo behind. Since then I have been fairly pain free up until my last two periods. This one (which started yesterday) has been unbearable - I have been doubled over in pain and after calling my GP to see if any other medication (I am taking Voltrol and paracetamol) would be advisable was told they could not call back until later today!!! Waiting 7-8 horus for a response was not what I wanted to hear.

Anyway, the reason I posted was I am due to start my first cycle of IVF in mid-March and wondered if any of you out there new of anything that I could do to help with the pain until then without it affecting my treatment as I have noticed on the leaflet with the Voltrol that one of the many warnings says "do not take if pregnant or planning to become pregnant" - not sure what to do as the pain is so unbearable and Voltrol is what I was subscribed after my op (and it does seem to take the edge off the pain) but then getting myself prepared for IVF is also very important??

Any ideas/help would be really nice to hear.

Thanks for reading.

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You poor sweetheart, i have endo but must admit it was only recently diagnosed as this, and the pains i get are when my cysts reach a good size (endo cysts), i am more inclined just to take paracetamol or something slightly stronger like co-proxamol or co-dydramol, ask your gp for an alternative if you feel uncomfortable taking the Voltorol.

It will seem that the Voltorol will help ease your pain a lot as it is a strong analgesic and being combined with Paracetamol works wonders for all sort of pains.

Hope that you get some good advice and help, it is difficult when we suffer with these pains and want to do the best when it comes to our fertility treatments, if your GP cannot help ask your clinic what they would advise.


x x

Dear Niamh
I am about to do an IVF cycle and have endo. I get huge pain attacks, but not so regularly since I changed my diet. Iwent to see a nutritionalist in london who specializes in endo. Her name is Dian Mills and her answer phone number is 01323 846888 (that's the only number I have while Im away from the UK).
When I do get rare attacks - which are pretty unbearable, I use Ponstan - usually prescribed for period cramps, sage tea and clary sage (NOT TO BE USED IF ANY CHANCE YOU ARE PREGNANT AS THEY ARE BOTH NATURAL ABORTIVES)
hot water bottles and a lot of obscene swearing.
good luck

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HI Niamh

Your poor thing!!!

I am a fellow sufferer, although fortunately I do not get pain that often. I had 6 months on Zoladex last year, and then went straight into IF tx, and I have not had pain since, touch wood.

I never found anything particularly helpful in terms of pain relief, I tried Ponstan and had a really weird reaction - hallucinating & stuff.

I usually take nurofen and /or co-dydramol which takes the edge off and stops me writhing around on the floor although I am basically bedridden with a hot water bottle until it goes (2-3 days).

Anyway I believe there is going to be no harm at all in you taking pain killers up until you start tx. Once you start downregging you should not experience any further endo pain, except possibly in your last AF, and this is still well before you actually have ET.

I know it's nice to think that you need to get ready for tx by stopping any unecessary medication but I don't think it makes much difference. Just make sure you eat healthy, pop your folic acid, give up the alcohol, and maybe take extra vits etc, and I'm sure this will be fine.

of course you should really check with your dr or pharmacist as well.

Good luck with your tx we may be cycling at the same time since I am hoping to start downregging mid March!

Love Vicky

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